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Angross (アングロス Angurosu) is a powerful, monstrous alien mole-like creature.



Angross was a monster brought to earth by Alien Psychokino to assist them in causing mischief. The Psychokino were a notorious race of psychic aliens. Having lost their own planet due to their advanced powers, they turned to causing mischief and mayhem on other worlds, including Earth.

Godzilla: Kaiju Battles Unleashed[]

When arriving in Japan, they created an artificial life form out of dirt: calling their creation Angross. A powerful mole-like creature, the beast was attacked by Global Defense and forced to retreat.

Powers and Abilities[]

Though he is not an overly strong monster, Angross is nonetheless a powerful mole-like monster. He was also strong enough to match Gromite.

  • Jackhammer Drill Nose Spike: The pointed spike tipping Angross’ snout is a large drill-like object that is capable of acting like a jackhammer or a drill, allowing it to be used as a weapon smash repeatedly and literately drill into opponents and also, while using its claws to burrow as well which speeds up the process, allowing him to burrow extremely efficiently underground at high speeds.
  • Extendable Back Tri-Spikes: When attacked, Angross has and can extend or retract the spikes on his back to make three long, large, hook-shaped spikes burst hidden from in his back, in which he can extend and use to batter foes from behind him.
  • Extraordinary Jumper: Angross can jump high and far through the air at far distances with ease.