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Arctodustherium, also called the Giant Cave Bear, is a fictional species of colossal prehistoric bears native to Lagos Island. The largest Carnivora of all time, these bears were presumably wiped out during the H-Bomb test in 1954.


Arctodustherium literally means "Arctic Tooth Beast". It is a combined word for two other prehistoric bear species; Arctotherium and Arctodus.


Standing around 15 feet tall and weighing over 1 ton, Arctodustherium essentially looks like a brown, Grizzly, or Kodiak bear, only much larger and more muscular. They have strong jaws with very sharp teeth and they are armed with very sharp claws.


Arctodustherium produces typical roars that are used for bears, both real and used in cartoon movies.[1]


Among the many species of prehistoric animals that survived extinction, Arctodustherium had been living on Lagos Island for at least 10,000 years. Having become one of the island's apex predators, they had also grown to enormous size, much larger than their fore-bearers.

The Birth of Godzilla: King of the Monsters[]

One day, in 1954, this bear species were wiped out by the H-Bomb that killed many other species.