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Arstron (アーストロン, Aāsutoron), or Earthtron, is a dinosaur-like kaiju. A ferocious, powerful reptilian monster with a cranial horn atop its head, Arstron is a force to reckon with. Arstron made itself known when it appeared mysteriously on a mountainous zone and unleashed his wrath on a nearby village.



Arstron first appeared mysteriously in a mountainous region without warning or origin, attacking a nearby village and setting fire to the homes with his Magma Ray. GDF arrived shortly after the monster arose, attacking the beast with their cannon fire but to no avail. Arstron continued destroying the village. 

Godzilla: The King of the Monsters The Series[]



Like Gomess and Jiras, Arstron resembles Godzilla, basically looking like a bipedal dinosaur with the older theropod dinosaur reconstructions. Dark-colored body and yellow eyes, he also has a forward curving horn on top of his head.


Arstron's roar is a sped up Gyaos roar and some of his screams might be modified pig squeaks.

Powers and Abilities[]

Arstron is a powerful, gigantic monster from the Earth and a force to reckon with.

  • Cranial Horn: Arstron can use its cranial horn to stab the enemy.
  • Heat Flame Ray: Arstron can emit and exhale deadly, explosive streams of fire from his mouth. These flames are capable of causing large fires that spread quickly.
  • Magma Ray: From his mouth, Arstron can launch a very powerful, extremely explosive beam of magma energy. As hot as magma, this beam can be charged up for an even stronger shot that has enough firepower to completely destroy weaker monsters in one hit, engulfing falling enemies in an explosion.
  • Fireballs: Arstron can launch missile-strength fireballs of magma energy from its mouth.
  • Thick Hide: Arstron has an extremely thick hide, making it hard to damage him internally and externally.
  • Burrowing: Arstron can burrow at moderate speeds.