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Baragon (バラゴン, Baragon), also known as the First Guardian, is a prehistoric reptilian kaiju. The God of Earth, Baragon first appeared in Mothra II: Arrival of Ghidorah. After aiding fellow guardians Mothra and King Caesar in defeating the alien invaders in ancient times, Baragon laid to rest for many millennia under Mount Myoko.

In Godzilla vs. King Ghidorah, when King Ghidorah returned in the 21st century, Baragon awoke once more and aided in his defeat. Following the end of King Ghidorah's reign over the world, Baragon followed the other monsters to live out the rest of his days on Monster Island.


Baragon's name comes from from the Japanese word bara (バラ), meaning "rose", and ragon (ラゴン), from "dragon." This name refers to the ridges on his back, which supposedly resemble rose petals.


Baragon is a four-legged synapsid-like creature with reddish-brown skin, a horn on his forehead, and large, floppy dog-like ears. The petals on his back are inspired by roses.

In Mothra II: Arrival of Ghidorah, Baragon has bat-like ears, skinny arms, bulky legs, and an armored back.

In Godzilla vs. King Ghidorah, Baragon gained dark red skin, an orange horn, and head spikes. While larger and bulkier then his original appearance (possibly to indicate he had grown older and stronger), Baragon nevertheless has a similar head design. He also has more realistic-looking eyes, which are bright amber with large pupils.

In addition, Baragon also has more prominent teeth, large fangs, and wider ears, which were reduced in size and protrude slightly sideways rather than back towards the head. Unlike his original appearance, Baragon has more stout legs and larger and brightly detailed claws with the thumb claw being larger, similar to many theropod dinosaurs.


In Mothra II: Arrival of Ghidorah, Baragon's roar was a slightly modified version of Varan's roar. The only difference being that Baragon's version has a little more of a growling added to the mix. Some parts of the roars also come from Showa Godzilla.

In Godzilla vs. King Ghidorah, Baragon's roar was completely changed. The "modified Varan" roar was discarded and replaced with a new original sound. This version of the roar starts off with a growl followed by a gurgling high pitched wail. The higher voice in the character gave it a more benevolent voice, which would help with the audiences appeal to its protagonistic role, and the roar was also enhanced with leopard growls and snarls, crocodile hisses, and some elephant sounds as well as the Tyrannosaurus rex roars featured in Jurassic Fight Club.


Baragon burrowed underground and survived the Cretaceous extinction event while most other dinosaurs died out. Following King Ghidorah's defeat many millennia ago, Baragon became one of the ancient Guardian Monsters of the world. Since then, the great beast had been slumbering underneath the Earth itself.


Mothra II: Arrival of Ghidorah[]

Baragon in Mothra II: Arrival of Ghidorah

Baragon was first seen in Mothra II: Arrival of Ghidorah, where he was awakened by sound of the two alien monsters King Ghidorah and Gigan. They had begun bringing devastating to the world and did not notice Baragon. Startled by the commotion, Baragon burrowed underground.

When Mothra and King Caesar had arrived, Baragon as well assisted in the defeat of the aliens. He dug a burrow under the monsters and took them by surprise. When he arose from the underground, Baragon confronted Gigan with King Caesar as Mothra battled King Ghidorah. Together with the Okinawa guardian, Baragon managed to drive Gigan away.

Baragon and King Caesar then asisted Mothra. With their combined strength, the three guardian beasts defeated the evil three-headed hydra. Mothra had then imprisoned and sent King Ghidorah into outer space. The battle over, Baragon bid farewell to the monsters, both of whom returned to their homes as Baragon returned home underground to rest.

Godzilla vs. King Ghidorah[]

Baragon in Godzilla vs. King Ghidorah

In Godzilla vs. King Ghidorah, Baragon was first seen causing earthquakes near Mount Myoko and throughout Japan. During the first attack near Mount Fuji when Godzilla and Mothra were confronted by Gigan and other monsters, Baragon leapt into the battle. When the invaders retreated due to the arrival of other monsters of Earth as well as the awakening of King Ghidorah, Baragon followed Gigan to Okinawan.

Once arriving there, Baragon confronted Gigan. However, while Gigan initially gains the upper hand and nearly kills Baragon, he is halted by Baragon's old ally, King Caesar. Together, Baragon and King Caesar defeated Gigan and made their way to Japan to end King Ghidorah once and for all. Following King Ghidorah's defeat at Godzilla's hands, Baragon followed the other Earth monsters to Monster Island, where the red dinosaur monster lives out the rest of his days.

Powers and Abilities[]

Bioluminescent Horn[]

The horn on Baragon's snout occasionally glows and crackles. Additionally, in later appearances, Baragon uses this horn as an offensive attack, using it not only to strike at or impale opponents, but the horn is also able to conjure energy that causes explosions on contact.


Baragon has the ability to burrow underground. A capable tunneler, Baragon can disappear under the earth in a matter of seconds. In Mothra II: Arrival of Ghidorah, he uses his heat ray to soften the earth before digging, and the glow of his nasal horn allows him to see underground.

In Godzilla vs. King Ghidorah, his tunneling caused the ground beneath Gigan's feet to collapse. Additionally, Baragon used this ability to ambush even King Ghidorah off-guard. Baragon's rage attack involves him burrowing into the ground and triggering lava flows and earthquakes that damage his opponent. The repercussions of his burrowing has the potential to cause earthquakes and avalanches.

Geothermal Manipulation[]

It is mentioned that Baragon can cause earthquakes and lava eruptions beneath his feet when he uses a rage attack.

Heat ray[]

In Mothra II: Arrival of Ghidorah, Baragon can fire a relatively powerful ray of orange heat from his mouth. This heat ray is extremely hot and can create modest explosions. It was strong enough to cause Gigan pain and irritate Ghidorah.

In Godzilla vs. King Ghidorah, Baragon appears to have evolved a stronger version of this ability. He is able to emit and then launch a large, very powerful, and destructive stream of fire from his mouth, which can cause massive explosions and kill weaker monsters with a single blast. It is also ranged and has enough power to block beam attacks.

Lava Eruption[]

Seen in Godzilla vs. King Ghidorah and said to be his most powerful attack, Baragon has the ability to create an eruption of lava and fire above him while digging underground, causing damage to any opponent caught in the eruption and knocking them off the ground.

Natural healing[]

Baragon can replenish his energy as long as he is in contact with the earth. In addition, he is one of the few monster who can use physical attacks in mid-air.

Physical Abilities[]

In both his appearances, Baragon engages his opponents in up-close combat. Baragon can punch and kick enemies, and also uses his teeth as a weapon. The distinctive notches in Baragon's ears could fold his ears over his eyes, with the notches interlocking with his horn. Baragon would then charge at the opponent, while protecting his eyes from physical blows.


Baragon has strong jaws and limitless perseverance. He was also able to withstand Gigan's laser and even King Ghidorah's own Gravity Beams.

Ear shields[]

Baragon could fold his ears over his eyes, with the notches interlocking with his horn. Baragon would then charge at the opponent, whilst protecting his eyes from physical blows.


Baragon can leap great distances. In GvKG, he leaps through the air and bites down on King Ghidorah's neck, taking him by surprise.

Speed & Agility[]

Due to his size, Baragon is a very fast and agile monster, therefore, he can jump very far through the air.

Teeth & Claws[]

Baragon is also able to use his teeth and claws in a fight.