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Bemstar (ベムスター, Bemusutā) is a space alien kaiju that absorbs, or devours, energy through his stomach. It is another one of the most powerful, most destructive, nightmarish, and monstrous beast of the monster world. It first appeared in the Season 2 episode, The Energy Eater has Arrived.



Bemstar was an energy absorbing monster from the Crab Head Nebula. It came into the solar system looking for cosmic energy.

Godzilla: The King of the Monsters The Series[]

Season Two[]

The Energy Eater has Arrived[]

After leaving the Earth, Ultraman Hikari was ambushed by a stray Bemstar. Hikari and the monster battled around the astroid belt, eventually taking their battle to small, deserted moonlike planet. Bemstar was easily winning by beating down and injuring Hikari as he could only watch as Bemstar moved in for the kill. Just then, Zoffy arrived and after some motivational words were given to Hikari, The two ultras joined forces and Hikari eventually manages to destroy Bemstar.

Another Bemstar was seen flying overhead towards Earth.

More later.

Powers and Abilities[]

Bemstar is one of the most powerful, most destructive, nightmarish, and monstrous species of beasts known to man to exist. It was powerful enough to battle three Ultramen, as well as Gomora and even Godzilla. It took the combined powers of Godzilla, Anguirus, Gomora, Litra, and Ultraman Mebius, Taro, and Jack to stop him.

  • Flight: Bemstar can fly at moderate speeds through space. He can also maintain flight at slower speeds within a planet's atmosphere, and can ram into opponents while flying to knock them down. In space, Bemstar can also cover himself in energy to travel faster than light.
  • Suction Attractor Spout: Bemstar's red flower-like structure on his stomach is actually a gorge that can absorb almost any energy and matter alike. Bemstar can also release a lubricating substance that allows larger objects to be absorbed through the gorge and hasten the process of consumption. Bemstar can even force projectile attacks to home in on his stomach, making them nearly useless against him.
  • Bemstar Beam: Bemstar can launch yellow energy blasts from the tip of the horn on his head. These are moderately strong and can be fired rapidly. They can be fired as larger and more destructive blasts, but fired at a slightly slower rate.


When it was resurrected by Geronimon, Bemstar got a new selection of powers and abilities.

  • Heat Pulse: Bemstar can send a wave of heat throughout his belly. It is revealed that the heat is generated from the enzyme in its gorge. The sheer temperature generated from this enzyme is such that anything consumed by Bemstar’s gorge will rapidly be destroyed, leaving nothing but energy behind. In addition, should the gorge get clogged, Bemstar can surge a wave of energy into it, destroying the clog that allows him to fix his gorge if it is damaged.
  • Black Gravity Field: Bemstar can unleash a black gravity field that not only absorbed attacks but also living beings of his own size.
  • Horn Lightning: Bemstar shoots blue lightning out of its horn.
  • Eye Lasers: Bemstar can release a stream of lasers from his eyes.
  • Bemstar Beam: Bemstar can launch reddish energy blasts from the horn on its head. It can be fired as a charged up sphere of energy or the more traditional rapid-fire bolts.