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These are the characters of the Godzilla series I dont have a name for yet.


Earth Guardian Monsters[]

Earth Guardian Monsters are a group of kaiju who are a mixture of natural, supernatural, ancient, legendary, mystical, and even mutant and alien monsters that are very instinctive and protective of their territory, Planet Earth and fight tooth and nail to protect their home planet from any global threats. They tolerate humans and do make a point to defend the human race – they see the Invasion of the Aliens and Terror of the Mutants as threats to their home planet and destroying them is their primary goal–even if they have to destroy a few human cities along the way. Earth’s monster Defenders are various monster, some from earth, some mutant, and some are among other things. Earth Guardians will also ally themselves with any monster(s) that will help them defend the human race. However, because of this, the Earth Defenders will mistrust and attack monsters who attack human cities to attain more power. When it comes to battle, no matter how powerful the adversary, they do not give up or back down from a fight until the very end.


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The King of the Monsters himself, Godzilla is the main titular protagonist of the series. The most powerful monster on Earth (and quite possible, the entire universe), Godzilla is the strongest and leader of all of the Earth Guardian Monsters. Godzilla usually lives beneath the ocean's waves, slumbering until he is called upon to face some fearsome threat. In addition to having defended the Earth from aliens, mutants, and other external threats, Godzilla has also included mankind in the list of things he protects. To this contrary, it is often other monsters that arouse Godzilla's ire and like most kaiju, he considers humanity worth saving. Because of this fact, the humans, the Global Defense Force, even the Ultramen, consider Godzilla to be an extremely heroic guardian monster to all of humanity. He can deal much of a lot of damage with his famous atomic fire breath at his enemies too and uses this powerful attack to destroy threats from a distance, but has proved to be a fearsome hand-to-hand combatant, especially when he can bring his powerful tail into play. Godzilla's most mysterious ability may be his incredible, uncanny sixth sense, which always gives him time and the right places to travel to exactly where he needs to be. Godzilla is a pure awesome, giant fire-breathing dinosaur-lizard-like creature. The leader of the Earth Guardians, Godzilla wonders and explores around the island and the world when he is not with any of his monster friends. He is usually carefree, preferring to be to himself with his thoughts or be with his friends when they are around, but unless threatened does he pose a more adaptable and aggressive side. He is immensely protective of his friends and although he shows a huge amount of great hatred to his enemies, he shows a lot of loyalty and respect to his friends and allies and will do anything to keep them from being injured. He also shows a respectful side to a monster whom goes toe-to-toe with him when he decides to spare them from the terrible fate of death. In many fights, Godzilla has also been known to have an eidetic memory, remembering monsters he dealt with before and even remembering their weakness(es). When he was a little monster, his mother was (somewhat) killed by an outer space monster and his space counterpart: SpaceGodzilla. That event drove Godzilla even further and he has always wanted to destroy that monster ever since. After she died, she somehow transferred her energy to her son, and then Godzilla became more powerful than he was when he was little. To this day, he feels lonely due to her death. She was the most important thing in his life and without her, Godzilla had become the last of his kind. Throughout the series, Godzilla could not ever stop thinking or dreaming about her. But with his friends, his adopted son, and his allies, he is never alone. Godzilla has also shown to have a history with a lot of monsters. Such as: King Kong (who is a rival Earth Guardian and at times shares animosity towards him), MechaGodzilla (who is Godzilla's deadliest enemy), Gigan (who is Godzilla's most brutal and violent enemy), and King Ghidorah (who is Godzilla's archenemy) as well as Gorosaurus, Manda, and Mumonga (who are Godzilla's oldest friends). Godzilla has also died twice, but has come back from the dead. In his original form, this towering behemoth was the last, somewhat post-war, but radioactive monster unleashed upon the world. Godzilla's atomic-powered body was so powerful that each footprint he left was a crater seeping with lethal radiation. The first time he died, Godzilla wasn’t really dead, but was instead just in a dormant state for six months. While in Mt. Fuji, Godzilla grew into a larger, stronger version of his origional form. This "reborn" version of the original form of Godzilla ravaged an unprepared monster populace with a renewed thirst for destruction. Then the seconds time, when he was really dead for a year, it happened again, only Godzilla wasn't just stronger and had not only change, but he became more powerful than he’s ever been before. Godzilla’s reemergence as a monster superpower reminded all those standing in his way that the "King of the Monsters" had returned. But when his life force was taken by Keizer Ghidorah in the fifth movie, Neosaurus gave his life-force, energy, and power to Godzilla and Godzilla transformed into Super Godzilla. It's like as if…what did or didn’t kill Godzilla…made him stronger. Throughout the series, Godzilla was not only the last of his kind, but the most powerful ever known. Godzilla also adopted Godzilla Junior as his own son in the fifth movie. And of course, he destroyed SpaceGodzilla and finally got his vengeance. After the events of the seventh movie, he returned to the sea, where he lived and rested in eternal peace. Nobody will ever forget the existence of this: The most powerful Godzilla of all time. And nobody in the entire World will forget the first infamous day that the most powerful Godzilla of all time rose from the sea to save the World over and over from time to time and time again and that will be remembered as the beginning of the humanity's epic struggle against the reign of giant monsters, but they always had a powerful ally and hero to protect them.


The series deuteragonist, Anguirus is an ankylosaurus who somehow survived the extinction of the dinosaurs and Godzilla's best friend and companion who fights by his side in almost every battle he’s been in and the Killer of the Evil Living. Whenever he is in the area and whenever Godzilla is in danger, Anguirus is there to save him (and vice versa.) Godzilla greatly respects his friendship with Anguirus too, as seen when he brutally murders most monsters when he thought they had badly hurt Anguirus. Throughout the entire series, he is Godzilla's Best Friend and possesses no special abilities except tooth, claw, horn, spike, and his primary weapon: a fearsome Sonic Scream/Roar, which he can use to blow away his opponents and has the range attack that can echo through buildings and rocks, along with his thick, ultra-hard spiked carapace covered with thick spikes that can sometimes backfire enemies blows, which can parry any physical attack and inflict heavy edged damage in response, letting him take the advantage. He has the ability to tuck his head and limbs beneath his shell and roll forward into a ball as an ability attack-this offers him excellent resistance to attack and allows him to plow through terrain and opponents alike. His powerful jaws also leave an impression on opponents. Anguirus is a loyal Earth Guardian. Although he is neither the largest, strongest, nor fastest of Earth's vanguard, Anguirus's overal body design makes him a leathal adversary to any monster and he also possesses a tenacity of spirit that makes him a fearsome opponent for any monster and he’s shown to be brave on the battlefield. In the final movie, Anguirus was somehow transformed into Hyper Anguirus, and he became more powerful and was given a thicker carapace, spiked fireballs, and a powerful energy beam fired from his carapace. As Hyper Anguirus, Anguirus is also referred to as "The Killer of the Evil Living". Anguirus wasn't always friends with Godzilla. When they first met, they fought. Anguirus was Godzilla’s first foe in the series and is now Godzilla's best friend. Godzilla won the battle and Anguirus respected that Godzilla was stronger than him, and they quickly became friends and their best friendship began. Throughout the entire series, whenever the earth is threatened, Godzilla will come to its defense-and Anguirus will be right beside him, until the very end of the universe. Out of all of Godzilla's friends, Anguirus is the best friend he's ever had. After the events of the seventh movie, Anguirus berried himself in a deep canyon where he lived and rested in peace.


The Lord of the Skies, Rodan is Godzilla's best friend (with Anguirus), the series tritagonist, and a gigantic, irradiated, prehistoric pterodactyl or pteranodon that hatched in a mine somewhere on Mount Fuji. Rodan is also Godzilla's "wingman" (no pun intended) when it comes to battle, usually taking his advantage of aerial combat into battle with himself. He has some hot springs named after him on Monster Island. Ruling the skies, nesting in the tops of active volcanoes and the only Earth Guardian that specializes to use his beam while in the air, Rodan is virtually immune to many heat and lava-based attacks. Using wind power to force his enemies to back off at a short distance, he can fly high to escape from his opponents to counter a plan II attack. Rodan is Earth's largest flier. His element is the air, the clouds, and the wind-swept mountain peaks that scrape against them. Rodan is the fastest of all Kaiju while in the air, and prefers to confront challenges from a lofty height. His great speed also makes him a fierce hand-to-hand combatant, with savage claw, talon, and beak attacks. Rodan often defends the Earth's atmosphere-eliminating all airborne threats to the planet's well-being. Godzilla saved Rodan's life from Hedorah and the two defeated the alien tadpole, then Godzilla made another friend: Rodan. Since then, Rodan has learned to work with him to fight off the evil monsters. In the last film, near the end, when Rodan was thought to have been dead, he transformed into Fire Rodan which gives him the power of Fire. He was capable of flying faster, he became much stronger, his beak was much sharper, he gained new and stronger powers and abilities, as well as a more powerful Uranium Heat Beam. He basically became more powerful than ever, more powerful than any Rodan before him. And that's how, why and when he was referred to as “The God of the Skies”. Like Anguirus, whenever the Earth is threatened, Rodan will be by Godzilla's side to defend it...until the very end on the universe. After the events of the seventh movie, Rodan returned to Mt. Fuji and berried himself there-resting there in peace for all the rest of eternity.


The Guardian of the Earth, Mothra is Godzilla's closest friend and the series quadtagonist and a giant, divine butterfly/moth-like deity who protects the Earth from threats like other monsters. Mothra is a loyal Earth Defender and has evolved to protect humanity from many threats. Mothra began her life out as a giant larva, with a powerful, barbed, stinger tail, a web-spinning snout that spits out silk to stun, or even freeze or create small burns to her enemies, and a powerful chest beam. But in the first movie, after she cocooned herself in the middle of her dying mother and the world’s oldest tree, Mothra eventually, but very quickly, transformed into her flying, powerful adult Imago form, with the ability to block ranged attacks. She also gained extra powers and can zap things with antenna and wing blasts. Mothra creates powerful gusts of wind from her wings, and creates clouds from her scales to reflect energy attacks. Although her wings appear frail, Mothra is a very capable melee opponent-using her superior mobility to strike her opponents quickly and then retreat. Mothra is devoted to defeating any evil force that comes to or threatens Earth, and therefore abhors monsters who join forces with those evil forces for personal advancement. Being the Guardian of the Earth, Mothra is usually high in the atmosphere protecting the planet from any outer space threat that could come to Earth but is more commonly on Earth with the other Guardian monsters, especially including Godzilla. Due to her past with Godzilla and his mother, the two share a very close friendship/bond between each other. Mothra is EXTREMELY protective of Godzilla and would do anything, even risk her own life, just to save him. Whenever Godzilla is in trouble or in danger, Mothra is usually the first one to arrive on the scene to aid and save Godzilla. In season 3, Mothra's nemesis, Battra, killed one of her three larva children. She hates Battra so much for that and when he joined forces with Godzilla, the two bugs shared, and still do share, an incredibly, huge animosity towards each other, but even that doesn't stop them from protecting the planet (in their own way) that is both their own home. Mothra loves her children very much, but Godzilla is among, by far, the most important thing in her life. Godzilla considers Mothra to be a family-friend, and because of this, Mothra is the closest thing Godzilla has to a family. Like Anguirus and Rodan, she will by right by Godzilla's side to defend the Earth whenever it is threatened...until the very end of their lives. Somewhere in the series or movies, she admitted her true (positive) feelings to Godzilla. Her son is Mothra Leo Larva and daughter is Mothra Larva 2. After the events of the seventh movie, she returned to Infant Island and rested in eternal peace, retiring from battle…permanently.

Godzilla "Junior"[]

The adopted Son of Godzilla and the only kindred family Godzilla has left. Godzilla Junior has shown a tactical spirit to defend his home, family, and friends throughout the series. Junior may be a young monster, but he learns things real fast. He is first discovered on Mt. Fuji, and travels with the Ultra Mother as she attempts to keep him safe from the Vortaak Alien invasion. The infant monster watches Godzilla fight and defeat various monsters around the world. The creature then charges his atomic ray, causing him to grow to over 70 meters. After the defeat of Keizer Ghidorah, Godzilla Junior arrives in Tokyo and sees Godzilla as his father. The two monsters, along with the rest of the guardian monsters, then depart Tokyo, and Godzilla Junior finally successfully fires his atomic ray into the sky, a symbol that Godzilla's legacy will never end. Godzilla Junior, although possessing some of the same powers his father has, isn’t quite as powerful as Godzilla, but one day, Godzilla Junior would be powerful enough to fight other stronger enemies like King Ghidorah and become the new King of the Monsters.


The God of Earth and one of Godzilla's allies who was enlisted by Mothra, Baragon is a small, red, ancient, fire-breathing, subterranean dinosaur reptile who can burrow undergrown and an earth guardian-with special affinity for the terrestrial crust we walk upon. A tunneling creature, special ability is to dig underground and become invisible. Baragon is one of, if not, the physically smallest of all the Earth Guardian monsters on record, but his connection to the rocks and magma beneath us empower him to achieve greatness on a par with his larger allies and has incredible Marshall-like moves that help him win most often. A small but strong monster, Baragon is a burrower which explains his survival from the KT-extinction and often uses his burrowing abilities to sneak up on enemies and attack them surprisingly or escape from danger. His small size makes him a tremendous leaper, with graceful aerial combat maneuvers and techniques. He can also fire a heat Ray breath which charges as long as he is in contact with the ground that is similar to (albeit weaker than) Godzilla's. When not in the air, Baragon constantly replenishes his energy so long as contact is maintained with the earth. Baragon emits streams of fire from his mouth, and can cause eruptions and earthquakes beneath his feet. When firmly planted with all four legs upon the ground, Baragon is almost impossible to push aside, despite his small stature.

King Caesar[]

The Guardian Monster of Okinawa himself, King Caesar is a lion-like deity creature and a spiritual and mystical Earth Guardian of Earth with an affinity for humanity. King Caesar can do any humanoid fighting styles along with fire beams from his eyes and/or from his opponents for a backfire. King Caesar's strongest asset are his powerful legs, which have tremendous strength and flexibility. King Caesar's entire body is a capacitor, storing and refocusing the sun's energy into searing beams of heat, which he projects from his eyes. In battle, King Caesar can absorb the energy from his opponent's weapons, which both protects him from ranged attacks and provides him the power necessary to engage fast-moving opponents at range. King Caesar is King of Zen as well. He’s a Samurai Lion who will kick your behind! He is some sort of Taoist/Shinto priest or something in addition to being a giant monster. Like most of the other Guardians, King Caesar is specifically concerned with the well-being of humanity, and will respond to events that threaten human beings. King Caesar used to be, and sort of still is, a Guardian Monster of Okinawa who represented a royal family. After aiding Godzilla in battling Neronga, King Caesar followed Godzilla to monsters island and continued to fight alongside Godzilla in many battles throughout the series, but after the events of the final battle, King Caesar finally returned to his home in Okinawa and rested in eternal peace until being called upon again for the next threat and adventure of a lifetime.


The Unbelievable himself, Varan is a giant, gliding lizard-like creature that can and possesses the ability to glide with membranes or folds of skin (think of him as a giant, reptilian-flying squirrel). Varan is an Earth Defender with special affinity for forested and hilly areas. Although not capable of true flight, Varan's extraordinary leaping capabilities and gliding capacity mean that he rarely, if ever, touches the ground for more than an instant. Throughout the entire series and films, he possesses a range red sonic beam attack (which is quite similar to Titanosaurus’s). Although he naturally lives in solitude, Varan has developed very finely-honed sonic projection capabilities which can be used to communicate over vast distances. These same pinpoint sonic waves can be used in battle to disrupt an opponent's sense of balance and although his regular tooth and claw attacks are not the strongest, his fierce attacks are extremely lethal. Varan is quite possibly the most mysterious of Earth's native monsters and because of this, is considered by humans "The Unbelievable"—first-hand sightings of him by humans remain relatively rare. A trusted ally of Godzilla's, Varan was one of the first members of the group.


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The Invincible Guardian of the Universe himself, Gamera is a giant, fireball breathing turtle-like creature and an ancient biological constructed monster that was created millions of years ago by an ancient advanced race of civilized beings that once inhabited Earth and was designed for the specific purpose of exterminating/destroying the invading Gyaos, a race of vampiric avian-like creatures, and defending the planet Earth from world-threatening forces and against hostile creatures that threatened it. As such, the Guardian of the Universe has joined forces with the Earth Guardians in order to protect his world against any powerful threat, whether from Earth of Outer Space. The most powerful Guardian monster on Earth (second only to Godzilla) Gamera is armed with the capability of flight, and endless supply of Plasma Fireballs, sharp tusks and spikes and a super-weapon known as the Mana Beam from his chest, which can destroy even the biggest and toughest of monsters. To counter this, however, he lacks notable healing abilities and is not the fastest or most physically powerful of the Earth Defenders. Despite this, Gamera never backs down from a fight, and will continue to defend Earth until the very end. Gamera is almost as powerful as Godzilla himself. When Godzilla and Gamera first met, they (along with Gamera's father, who died in battle) fought Gyaos in Tokyo. Like Godzilla and Mothra, Gamers was the last of his kind. After the events of the seventh movie, Gamera used all of his energy to destroy a powerful monster by blowing himself up, just like what happened to his father. King Kong

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The one and only Eighth Wonder of the World himself, Kong is a 264-foot (80 m) mountain gorilla who is around 120–150 years old and one of the last of his kind/species, Megaprimatus kong. Kong is an old, longtime rival-turned-ally Earth Guardian of Godzilla's (as well as his antagonist during seasons 1-2). He protects his family and kills different creatures in their defense. He can climb walls/building, lift stone pillars and most buildings, swing from branches or towers and even unlock pathways. For some reason, Kong has been known to gain strength from electrical power sources and is immune to its effects, enhancing his already godlike power. When Kong is fully or ‘supercharged’ charged, even physical titans, such as Orga and Destoroyah, are reluctant to tangle with the mighty ape. Due to his past with Godzilla, the two shared an animosity towards each other. When Godzilla first saw and met Kong, seeing him gave Godzilla the thought of a new, possible friend due to his loneliness and his mother’s death. Kong however, living on an island where he and his family had to fight for survival, reacted in defense, not trusting Godzilla which results not just battle, but the beginning of their intense rivalry. The most physically powerful of the Earth Defenders, Kong is fiercely territorial and has been known to tussle with Godzilla at times, but when Kong's Island, and in fact the entire world, is threatened, the two Earth Guardians put aside their rivalry with each other and save the world from threats of the Aliens and Mutants. Kong is also the mortal enemy of Godzilla's oldest friend, Gorosaurus, but even their rivalry won't stop them from protecting their home. Kong and Godzilla though have a little bit different friendship. True, they have their differences, may not agree with each other, and don't see eye to eye, but they make a good team. Kong and Godzilla are now more “friendly rivals”, which started when Godzilla returned from the dead in the chapter 3 premier. When that happened, Kong finally started to respect Godzilla, knowing that Godzilla couldn't be killed. Even though they had a fight in the final chapter, Kong lost and once again respected Godzilla even more for his superior strength. Every time Kong uses his electrical grip on Godzilla, he just makes Godzilla stronger and Kong respected Godzilla for he was much stronger and more powerful than him. After the events of the final battle, Kong returned to Skull Island to live in peace with his beloved wife and children. But on the island, Kong and Godzilla finally said their goodbyes and parted ways, King Kong, the third strongest and third most powerful living creature on Earth and the Eighth Wonder of the World, was shot down and killed by a single Gyaos while protecting his wife at the top of his mountain home and fell to his death.


Godzilla's oldest friend and Kong's mortal enemy, often called Kong’s most powerful foe, Gorosaurus is a larger descendant of the Tyrannosaurus Rex. He is a huge predator with a bite that kills weaker enemies, the brute strength to break down structures, and armored hides that even the strongest missile cannot penetrate. Besides his quick and powerful kangaroo and bicycle kicks, Gorosaurus is able to perform several other powerful attacks when facing enemies: such as charge, tail-whip, head-butt, and most devastatingly, tackle in which his tackle will force enemies on their knees and could kill them with one bite to the throat. Originally from Skull Island, Gorosaurus is one of the many monsters that roams Monster Island freely and spends most of his days watching whatever happens on Monster Island. His special move is to do powerful kangaroo kicks. Gorosaurus is considered a veteran, showing a combatitive side, and even offering to spar with Godzilla when no one else would. He is not seen hanging around Godzilla's main group like Anguirus, Rodan, or even Mothra but still maintains a decent friendship with the Monster King and his friends. He first appeared in the season 5 when Godzilla helped him fighting off King Ghidorah. Godzilla also trusts Gorosaurus. Gorosaurus taught Godzilla almost everything Godzilla knows. Back when they were together, Gorosaurus was like a brother to Godzilla. When they first ran into each other, Gorosaurus saved Godzilla from Kong's fury. Gorosaurus wasn't sure what Godzilla was, but he saw Godzilla as one of his own. So he saved Godzilla, they both defeated Kong, and the two quickly became friends. And for some reason, they got separated from one another but reunited years later.

Female Godzilla[]

Godzilla’s mother and the former Queen of the Monsters herself. Female Godzilla was Godzilla's mother when he was a little monster. She herself was very powerful, probably the second most powerful Godzilla of all time. She was EXTREMELY protective of her only son. When she was mortally wounded by SpaceGodzilla, she couldn't recover - she couldn't heal the wound. She managed to beat him, but she was slowly dying from her chest wound. When she died, all of her power went to her son and he became the new Godzilla. Godzilla and his mother were very close. She was the most important thing in his life and without her; Godzilla was the last of his kind (for now). She may have been dead throughout almost the entire series, but what even SpaceGodzilla failed to recognize is that the bond between mother and child is stronger and more powerful than anything in the universe.


A serpent from the Pacific Ocean created by the ancient civilization of Mu and another old friend of Godzilla’s. She's the largest and longest sea serpent the world has ever seen. Possessing no physical powers, except Thunder Spark bite and powerful energy blasts, she can coil very tight around her enemies, giving them quite a squeeze.


The Brave Son of Gamera himself and Godzilla Junior's best friend. Toto was found in an egg somewhere on Monster Island. But when he hatched, nobody knew who it belonged to. But when Toto showed up to help his father fight Iris, showing that it had the same powerful as Gamera, it was clear that he was definitely the Son of Gamera. Toto is almost as powerful as Gamera himself.

Lady Kong[]

King Kong's wife/mate. She is almost as tall as he is. She was protecting her young while Kong was fighting Godzilla for the first time. When Godzilla left the Island after battling Titanosaurus and Mechani-Kong with Kong, Kong left his Island to fight alongside Godzilla. In the fifth movie, Kong's wife and son came to assist him in the battle. Lady Kong also admires and trusts Godzilla and, not only trusts her mate in the fact that Kong trusts and respects Godzilla, but also Lady Kong sees good in Godzilla when Kong sometimes doesn’t.

Kong Junior[]

The Son of King and Lady Kong who is the oldest of the two gorilla children and close with his little sister. Towards the end of the series, he became a friend to Godzilla Junior.


The Daughter of King and Lady Kong who is close with her brother and the youngest of the two gorilla children. She too becomes a friend of Godzilla Junior’s.


An evil divine moth and Mothra's archrival/nemesis, Battra was created by the Earth to kill lifeforms that were destroying it. The Yin to Mothra's Yang, Battra wishes to gain power surges to cleanse Earth of corruption and to destroy mankind. Technically a guardian of the Earth, Battra considers himself an Earth Defender, but unlike his more peaceful counterpart, his burning hatred of mankind and the Global Defense Force, as well as Mothra, sets him apart. The complete opposite of everything Mothra is, Battra started out his life cycle as a massively armored caterpillar. Then Battra transformed himself at a moment’s notice into a spiked, moth-like monstrosity. Larger and more ferocious then Mothra, Battra is armed with punishing prisim beams fired from his eyes. Viewing mankind as a plague inflicted upon the planet, the Black Mothra won't stop until Earth is "freed" from their presence earning Battra a high spot in Mutants' ranks. But somewhere throughout the series, he somehow switched over from destroyer to guardian and decided to fight alongside Godzilla and the other Guardians only because it's the right thing. Even though he’s on their side, Mothra hates Battra so much because he killed one of her larva children in season 3. In one episode they began a huge fight, but Godzilla came and broke it up. He explained to Mothra and Battra that sometimes, no matter how much they may hate each other; they need to put their rivalry aside. And even their rivalry doesn't stop them from protecting the planet (in their own way) that is both their home. But as much as Battra hates Mothra, he shows great loyalty towards Godzilla. Although the two bugs remain rivals, they have an unshakable bond that makes them brother and sister in wings right up to the end. It is also later mentioned that Battra is really Mothra’s brother. In addition, in the season 5 finale, when Battra and the other flying guardians and GDF monsters traveled to the Monster Graveyard to save Godzilla, Battra was one of the ones that assisted and after that, the two bugs finally put aside their rivalry for good and Mothra finally started to respect him, knowing that some monsters like Battra can be trusted, all just because he saved her closest friend.


An aquatic dinosaur-like reptile, Titanosaurus is a prehistoric throwback–a primitive, marine monster from an ancient age who has managed somehow to persist in contemporary times. Titanosaurus lives deep in the ocean, hibernating for hundreds of years in a stretch. In recent years, humans have disturbed Titanosaurus, increasingly incurring his wrath. He wants to find and use more power to take his revenge on humanity for disturbing his slumber. Though Titanosaurus is not inherently or even specifically evil, he holds no allegiance to any particular ideology, and would not hesitate to secure additional power for himself should the opportunity arise – preferring to maintain his own ideology rather than stick with a group – and this frequently places himself in a position that puts himself at odds with Earth Guardians and the Global Defense Force. In battle, Titanosaurs employs his towering height, powerful tail, and sonic waves to intimidate or subjugate any beings who dare to disrupt his ancient lifecycle. He appeared several times as an opponent to Godzilla and others and also served as the primary antagonist in the first few episodes, but later on, he was rehabilitated by Ultraman Cosmos, and became an ally to Godzilla.

Zilla Junior[]

The only surviving of its kind and Baragon's antagonist (because his burrowing abilities rival Baragons), Zilla is an iguana mutated by the nuclear atomic bomb tests in French Polynesia. Due to their similarities, Zilla developed a kinder-ship with Godzilla. As a result, Zilla is very protective of him. He also has the power to sense when Godzilla is in trouble. Zilla is probably most famous for being mistaken for Godzilla himself during his first attack in New York City in 1998. Thought to have been slain when is appeared by the U.S. military 2 years later, Zilla has returned to once again wreak havoc on mankind. Zilla is the fastest of all the none-flying monsters, easily surpassing the speed of Varan and even his rival, Baragon, and leaves slower-moving monsters such as Orga and Destoroyah at his mercy. The mutant reptile is also armed with razor sharp teeth and claws. In addition, Zilla is capable of breathing a powerful blast of radioactive fire (much like Godzilla’s Atomic Heat Ray). The only drawback is that Zilla isn’t very powerful physically and can be easily over-powered by other monsters. Despite this, Zilla is every bit as tenacious as his more powerful counterpart, who he eventually joined forces with, and won’t let anything stand in his way. In fact, Zilla is relentless in any fight, faces danger head on and will battles his foes to the death.


A gigantic, mutated, predatory spider and queen of all spiders. She mostly spends her time in deep holes or caves, but has been reported to dwell in jungles or deserts. Kumonga may not be as powerful as monsters like King Ghidorah, Destoroyah, or even SpaceGodzilla, but is still dangerous in her own right. Her powerful sword-like legs enable her to leap incredible distances, and she can spit poison stingers which pack enough of a punch to knock out monsters even as large as Biollante for a short time, but it can kill weaker monsters. Kumonga's greatest weapon, however, is her web spray, which it tough enough to tangle even to strongest of opponents and can also be formed into net-like patterns in order to render her prey completely immobile. While not inherently evil (like Titanosaurus), Kumonga is eternally hungry and is always on the lookout for her next meal, uncaring as to which some of her fellow monsters are on the menu. She apparently loyal to Godzilla, being an old acquaintance. And the King of the Monsters allowed the spider queen to live on Monster Island as one of his allies and friends.


The Horror of the Deep himself, Ebirah is mammoth lobster hailing from the deepest reaches on the ocean. Ebirah's true origins are unknown, but it is believed that he has lived his whole life in the Bermuda Triangle where he was discovered by Godzilla. He's the reason for the mysterious planes, ships, boats, and submarines disappearing around the Bermuda Triangle. The mighty crustacean prefers to be left alone in peace and woe to anyone unlucky enough to disturb him. While not the strongest of monsters, Ebirah's claws can snap shut hard enough to snap bones, and he can also reach great speeds when submerged. Alternatively, he’s rather slow-moving while on land, but his armored shell can protect him from most attacks, not including Godzilla's flamed atomic breath. Though Ebirah is truly a menace, and could easily be an Earth Guardian (who Ebirah joined forces with overtime), he is unpredictable and dangerous when angered. It is the same unpredictability that places Ebirah within the ranks of Mutants.


A mutation that was created in a lab for some unknown reasons. He was originally that size of a man, but later on grew to an enormous size. He was eventually tamed by Cosmos and joined forces with the Earth Guardians. He's Godzilla's newest ally.


A giant alien cuttlefish or squid mutated to an enormous size by the alien Vortaak. He was tamed and rehabilitated by Ultraman Cosmos somewhere in The Fights of Godzilla Junior.


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The Formidable Monster Prince himself (not the son of Godzilla), Gomora is one of Godzilla's best allies. Being Rei's primary monster, Gomora is his first monster and has been his monster of choice in almost every monster fight Rei finds himself in with other monsters and almost always uses Gomora first to help Godzilla. It is also shown how Rei first came across Gomora. When Godzilla was battling the brutal monster Red King, Gomora rose from the ground and aided Godzilla. After the defeat of Red King, Rei appeared and was extremely more than impressed with Gomora and his strength, fighting style, and bravery and used his battlenizer to capture him and made Gomora his first reionyx monster from Earth. One of the toughest monsters throughout the galaxy, Gomora has earned a lot of respect of Godzilla after aiding him in battling Red King and in various other battles. Gomora has been described as the Leader of all of Rei's monsters.


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The Largest of all Birds, even Prehistoric Birds, Litra is a giant phoenix bird-like monster that has been one of Rei's monsters for almost as long as Gomora. After Litra aided Godzilla and Gomora in battling Jiras and her ancient foe Gomess, she used her acid attack and nearly died, but Rei used his battlenizer to save her. Since then, she has been right by Gomora's side to defeat other monsters right up to the end and became a staple member of Rei’s arsenal. Rei often uses Litra as a means of flight transportation, even flying as far as through the reaches of space in order to save Godzilla.


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The Electrical Water King himself, Eleking is a very stealthful, powerful, electrical eel-like sea monster that had been thriving and lurking beneath a remote lake in the mountains/woods of Tokyo near Mt. Fuji. Eleking became one of Rei's monsters after he was defeated in a lengthly fight by Godzilla, Gomora, Mikuras, and Ultramen Max, Seven, and Taro. After the fight, Rei was more than impressed with the creature and his combat skills and effectiveness. Before the three ultramen could destroy Eleking, Godzilla and Gomora stopped them and Rei pulled out his Battlenizer and captured Eleking, making it his third and final monster ally, especially, being the only monster of Rei’s that can move underwater. But ultimately, Eleking was killed by Tyrant. With a single slice, Tyrant cut Eleking’s throat with its axe! The brave monster collapsed, its body turning into particles of energy that drifted into the heavens. But eventually, Eleking resurrected by Ultra Seven.

Global Defense Force Mechas[]

The Global Defense Force mechas are human engineered machines, built to defend Earth and protect humanity from monsters. They usually ally themselves with monsters that don't destroy a sufficient amount of human structures and those who fight Alien forces, and fight those that do the opposite. Originally piloted by humans, but now powered by electric autonomous brains, which make them fierce opponents. The vehicles are controlled by the humans though.


A cyborg built around using the bones of the very first Godzilla that ever lived on Planet Earth. The leader of the Global Defense Force mecha-monsters unit, Kiryu is a cybernetic-monster generated by the Global Defense Force to protect human cities from monster threats and serves as humanity's main mecha-defender against alien invasions and other monster attacks. Kiryu has been augmented with armor plating, enhanced reflexes, and limited flight capabilities. These enhancements have eliminated his natural ability to create atomic fire, so he has been outfitted with homing rockets, electrical cannons, and the fearsome Absolute Zero cannon-which can immobilize and freeze any monster in a single hit. Kiryu is the GDF's most successful defender yet and is their first and best option for defending humanity. Like Gamera, Kiryu is almost as powerful as Godzilla himself. He’s the most powerful of the GDF’s mechas and to combat very powerful monsters, (such as King Ghidorah, Destoroyah, Orga, Gigan, or even SpaceGodzilla) Kiryu will need to release his full potential to fight like he has never fought before. Ever since Kiryu and Godzilla first met each other, they have both, in a way, developed a somewhat partnership but when they fight by each other’s side in battle, they have a very unshakable bond that makes them brothers in arms right up to the end (since they are both genetically identical to each other).

MechaGodzilla II[]

A robotic replica of Godzilla that was created in direct inspiration of the Vortaak's Mechagodzilla, with a concentration of defense over offense at the cost of mobility. The second in command to the GDF mecha-monster forces, Mechagodzilla 2 remains a staple of the GDF anti-monster fighting force. GDF weapons designers saw that a heavily-armored combatant who blended ranged firepower and heavy melee attacks at the cost of some mobility could be a very effective way to hold back monster attacks on major cities. Although they could not duplicate the space titanium alloy used in the original, the GDF was able to create an armor composite which resisted bite and claw attacks to a miraculous degree - as well as absorbing a significant portion of the heat and radiation weapon attacks used by many of Earth's monsters. This focus on defense before offense proved to be a powerful mixture, and Mechagodzilla 2 is almost identical to the alien Mechagodzilla, but with a few and different changes in his arsenal.

Mecha-King Ghidorah[]

A three-headed GDF mecha-monster created out of the body of the Clone King Ghidorah that died in the Mt. Fuji eruption in the season 1 finale. After the clone dragon was defeated and fell into the lava, the body somehow ended up in the bottom of the sea and the clone alien was rebuilt with GDF technology and resurrected as a GDF cyborg to serve the interests of mankind as opposed to the alien Vortaak. To replace King Ghidorah's natural body armor, destroyed in the re-animation process, this new incarnation has been outfitted with a powerful shield to reflect weapons attacks. In addition, Mecha-King Ghidorah has replenishable taser weapons, which can stun an opponent. With most of his original form's combat techniques intact, Mecha-King Ghidorah might stand as humanity's best hope against the Vortaak invasion. He is identical to King Ghidorah but with a different skin. Being identical, Mecha-King Ghidorah is considered to be King Ghidorah’s Earth GDF mecha-counterpart.


Also known as Mobile Operation Godzilla Universal Expert Robot Aero-type, MOGUERA is a giant, transforming, penguin-like, anti-Godzilla battle mecha robot that aids Godzilla in several battles and is equipped with numerous plasma based weaponry, employing a wide variety of weapons and defensive systems linked by a powerful auto-targeting supercomputer system. MOGUERA was the GDF's first successful attempt at an anti-monster-fighting mecha robot – although relatively effective, M.O.G.U.E.R.A. was deemed too physically frail to continue to serve as the GDF's first plan of defense against monster threats. M.O.G.U.E.R.A. is still in use today, but is most often only put into service as to provide a long-range support fire to and for the GDF’s other, more modern anti-monster robot mechas, using long range missiles and his other weapons.

Jet Jaguar[]

A humanoid fighting robot that can change size at will. Jet Jaguar is a human-sized robot created by a Japanese scientist for unknown reasons. Created with a great potential for learning, Jet Jaguar achieved sentience and began to modify himself and his own programming is a reserve member of the Global Defense Force. His most impressive modification has been his ability to change his own size for a brief time-allowing him to grow large enough to dwarf monsters such as Godzilla. Unfortunately, Jet Jaguar cannot maintain his enormous size indefinitely, and must periodically rest to regain his energies. Jet Jaguar is a reserve member of the Global Defense Force-heroically protecting humanity whenever it is threatened by monstrous threats. He is normally either human-sized or Godzilla-sized but can grow to become even Biollante's size (if he absolutely needs to).



The Alien monsters are a group of monsters whose primary goal is to conquer and/or destroy the humans and conquer Earth. They'll also destroy any monster(s) and/or ultra(s) that stand(s) in their way. They will on the other hand ally themselves with those who destroy human forces, Ultras or Earth Guardians.


Mutations, more commonly known as "Mutants", are monsters that have a lust for power more than anything else. Their lust comes before all other concerns all working for their own, sinister agenda. Because of this, they are drawn to human power and energy sources and so will destroy all in their path just t0 get such power: monster, humans, and even the Vortaak, and so mutants will often ally themselves with other monsters to do just this and attain more power. They will also fight monsters that do not do enough destruction. Somof the Earth Guardians are mutants that came to terms with the others.


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The shows primary/main kaiju antagonist of the series, even though he didn't appear much, SpaceGodzilla is the King of Outer Space himself and the God of Destruction who's bent on killing Godzilla and all his kind. A highly aggressive extraterrestrial creature/beast created when the Female Godzilla's DNA and the first Biollante dissolved into space and mutated by cosmic radiation, SpaceGodzilla is basically a modified clone of Godzilla, closely resembling him. As well as Godzilla’s most horrific and evil space and crystalized counterpart, sworn enemy, and the monster that killed Godzilla’s mother (aka the Female Godzilla). SpaceGodzilla is a very powerful monster and because of this, is considered "The King of Outer Space" and the leader of the mutations, even though they have their own personal and sinister agendas. He’s also said to be tougher and smarter than Godzilla and appears without any special fanfare. SpaceGodzilla is basically Godzilla…from Space! A malevolent fusion of Godzilla's DNA and an unknown collection of extra-terrestrial minerals and energies. Space Godzilla has an unknown potential for psychic abilities, including telekinesis, telepathy, levitation, mind control, and the manipulation of many basic elements. Space Godzilla can temper crystal towers from the earth around him, which he uses to magnify and focus his psychic energies. Space Godzilla's greatest weapon is the fact that despite his gargantuan frame he possesses human-level intelligence. This makes him a tremendous potential threat to all humanity and all of the earth. Space Godzilla has attacked earth only three times before-twice as a free agent and once as a somewhat ally of the Vortaak. But his thirst for power knows no allegiance. And needs none. Although he didn't entirely kill the Female Godzilla (aka Godzilla's mother), SpaceGodzilla is responsible for killing her. He first appeared in the first movie, fought Godzilla's mother but was beaten and retreated to Space. She wasted so much energy defeating him and when she died, Godzilla blamed SpaceGodzilla for that. SpaceGodzilla then reappeared in the season 3 finale but was not only defeated, but trapped in an alternate dimension by Godzilla, and was apparently killed. Then in the fifth movie, twelve years later, he escaped by using his crystal powers to summon a meteor. That time, he was independent, and not affiliated with the Vortaak, and had a desire for revenge on Godzilla for trapping him. The Vortaak sent their monsters to join him in destroying and concurring Earth. SpaceGodzilla was and is never affiliated with the Vortaak, but does it this one time to kill Godzilla. But when Godzilla transformed into Super Godzilla, he used his new powers to destroy SpaceGodzilla. Then after multiple hits from Godzilla's Hyper Atomic Spiral Fire Ray, SpaceGodzilla was no more and finally destroyed.


The Cyborg of the Century and Godzilla’s most brutal and violent enemy. Gigan is a cycloptic, cybernetic creature with bladed arms, a buzz saw in its chest and is infused with Vortaak technology designed to augment his powerful natural combat abilities. The vanguard of the Alien Invaders, Gigan serves as the second main antagonist to the series (the first being Space Godzilla). He is the best fighting force the Vortaak have to offer and can project powerful alien energy from his single eye to engage enemies at a far range, though with quick footwork and lightning-fast edged attacks he is clearly designed with close combat in mind. Throughout season 1, based on his original form, he's an exclusive monster and possessed superior physical strength as well as a nasty sadistic streak, making sure his enemies suffer as much as possible before the final blow. After being defeated in Season 1, Gigan reappeared in season 2 in a modified form and continued to be in this form through the rest of the series. The monster guardians assumed that it was a different Gigan, but it was in fact it was the original Gigan that had been upgraded with alien technology. And now with a new creation of the beast, Gigan has once again been unleashed to wreak even more havoc upon humanity. Near the end of the fifth film, he reappeared in a much bigger and upgraded form. Every one of his new designs makes Gigan not only bigger, but faster, stronger, and more ferocious than he's ever been before. 

King Ghidorah[]

The King of Terror himself and Godzilla’s flying, three-headed and greatest archenemy of all time. If Gigan is the hammer of the Vortaak invasion forces, then King Ghidorah is the anvil. An extraterrestrial three-headed dragon, King Ghidorah is portrayed as physically the most powerful monster in the universe, and blends immense size, incredible strength, and near invulnerability into a unified engine of monstrous destruction and shares leadership of the Alien monsters along with Gigan. Dark Mephisto often selects him to try and destroy Earth, but the Vortaak often hesitate to deploy King Ghidorah at all, lest he demolish their enemies and leave nothing to subjugate. King Ghidorah is at home in the vacuum of space, and travels between planets under his own power. King Ghidorah's wings allow him to fly in Earth's atmosphere, though his great mass hinders his aerial mobility. He naturally generates intense electrical energy that he unleashes as a powerful Triple Gravity Beam from his three heads. Despite all this, King Ghidorah's greatest ability is his asset to withstand damage-all known forms of attack splinter against his thick golden scales. In the 2nd movie, he somehow doubled in size and was more powerful, but ultimately was defeated. Godzilla and King Ghidorah met somewhere in the past when Godzilla was friends with Gorosaurus.


The Magnificent Machine and Godzilla's deadliest enemy, Mechagodzilla is the first robotic replica of Godzilla constructed by an alien race and has been previously used by the Vortaak. Mechagodzilla was the first attempt by the Vortaak to subjugate the human population of the Earth. Plated in space titanium, Mechagodzilla proved to be too well armored for any of Earth's monsters to defeat single-handedly. A major powerhouse, he has a ranged arsenal and brute strength, with many abilities including eyebeams, a shield, a fire ray and finger missiles and remains a fixture of the Vortaak's roster. Unfortunately for the Vortaak, the Earth Defenders are more than willing to work as a team when necessary, and through their combined effort, Mechagodzilla was destroyed. In their latest invasion attempt, the Vortaak have rebuilt Mechagodzilla to fight alongside them once more. With allies of his own on hand, Earth's monsters will need to make full use of their speed advantage when battling this indomitable nemesis.


A subterranean "Beetle God" creature with drills for hands. A worshipped being, Megalon is the main god and a guardian monster of the Seatopians and has been lent out by them to their close allies, the Vortaak. Megalon is powerful, able to burrow and reappear with his drill hands, often grabbing and throwing down enemies. Having no special love for human beings, he has once again aligned himself with the alien invaders in hope of eliminating the human population once and for all. Megalon is a very well-rounded combatant, with decent melee, grappling, and ranged capabilities. He has a special affinity for electricity, allowing him to employ lightning and EMP attacks without danger to himself. Megalon's hands are high-speed drills, which allow him to burrow underground or simply gore his opponents in hand-to-hand combat. A veteran of the alien fighting force, Megalon is often paired with Gigan. Throughout season 1, he served as one of the main antagonists and throughout the rest of the series, he served as Baragon’s worst enemy.


A bio-mechanical creature created from the DNA of Godzilla and an extinct alien race with large hands. He has been a close ally of the Vortaak since their first invasion time using him. More often favored for his power and brute strength than intelligence, Orga has a powerful beam weapon and is still a force to be reckoned with. Orga was originally an advanced bio-spaceship sent to Earth by an unknown alien force. Upon meeting Godzilla, the bio-spaceship came to the conclusion that it required hand-to-hand combat capabilities to subdue Earth's monsters. Mutating rapidly, the alien ship configured itself into a paragon of monstrous strength-with incredibly large hands and a flexible, venomous maw. Although initially defeated by Godzilla, Orga has subsequently joined forces with the Vortaak in order to continually test himself against Godzilla and the rest of Earth's Defenders.


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The Plant of Evil herself, Biollante is a hulking plant-like beast that carries some of Godzilla's DNA. The giant plant monster has a hard time moving but can burrow and reappear wherever she pleases quickly. She was created in a freak accident at a Global Defense Force lad somewhere in Tokyo. Before Godzilla died in the season 1 finale, some of his cells, called Godzilla cells, came off his body and he left some G-Cells behind. Someone found the cells on a plant on Mt. Fuji. Since everybody thought Godzilla was dead, Global Defense wanted to see if they could create another one. But instead, the cells were mixed into plant cells. They fused, created, and became Biollante. Biollante is a terrifying example of mankind's ability to unleash horrors upon the world. The result of anti-monster mutagen experiments gone horribly awry, Biollante is a patchwork mix of human, plant, and monster DNA. Biollante's sheer height and mass make her one of the largest known monster by a good margin, and if it were not for her limited mobility there is little doubt that she would have established herself already as one of Earth's most powerful monsters. As a mutant, Biollante holds no special allegiance to any of her genetic kindred-though she does seem to harbor special animosity towards Godzilla. Biollante's quick-extending vines and corrosive poison spray make her a threat at range, while her massive jaws and incredible strength make her deadly up close.


A huge, prehistoric dragonfly and queen of a colossal swarm of 'meganula'. She’s a specimen of her species that is chosen among the meganula, like a queen bee. Megaguirus can absorb opponents' energy, and release it in an energy discharge or a duplicate of her own fire or powerful fire-beam balls of energy of her own. Because of this, Megaguirus is a ‘formidable fighter’. Attacking enemies, whatever size, to expand her territory. Normally, she's remains almost invincible, even high up in the skies. She once fought Godzilla, draining his Atomic blood, but ultimately, she was defeated. Eventually, she returned and is eager to taste not just Godzilla's energy, but any other monsters' energy. Megaguirus attained her tremendous size and power when her swarm siphoned a significant portion of Godzilla's energy and transferred it to their queen. Megaguirus leeches power from her opponents using her fearsome tail stinger-and can even absorb and redirect most monsters' weapon attacks. With only a primal thirst for power and a battle-hardened desire for combat as her guide, Megaguirus is sure to be found anywhere that power exists for the taking.


A beast composed of millions of microscopic lifeforms mutated by the weapon that was thought to have killed them in 1954. Destoroyah was originally a small microbic life form but when his species were thought to have been extinct, the oxygen destroyer mutated the monster into a series of creatures that eventually merged into the enormous and powerful Destoroyah. Although his massive clawed hands, long crescent-tipped tail, and taloned feet can tear monsters apart in a heartbeat, Destoroyah tends to use ranged attacks in compensation for his sluggish land movement. Destoroyah is death incarnate. Born from anaerobic environments deadly to all other life, Destoroyah seeks nothing else than the total annihilation of all life-forms in existence. He can breathe choking clouds of micro-oxygen, emit explosive spheres of micro-oxygen, and create oxygen destroyer comets of pure annihilation. His most fearsome attack, however, is the piercing Laser Horn, which extends from his central horn. He can focus energy from his horn and use it like a sword to slice through all, even the strongest of opponents monster flesh and reduces buildings to rubble.


The Smog Monster himself, Hedorah is a gigantic, tadpole-like amphibious monster from Outer Space who fed on pollution. Because he spends almost all his life in the water, Hedorah is very curious and doesn't like long battles, so he tries to finish it as fast as possible, which is to say he enjoys finishing it quickly. A slimy alien beast drawn to Earth by mankind’s continual pollution of the planet, Hedorah received the worst from his first encounter with Godzilla and was unquestionably killed by the King of the Monsters. This second, newer Hedorah has been taken control of by the Vortaak in order to bolster their monster army in their latest attempt to defeat Godzilla and conquer the Earth. A bizarre creature that thrives in environments too hazardous for most other creatures to survive in, Hedorah’s body is comprised of a corrosive, acid-like sludge, which makes even physical contact with the beast painful. Combined with putting literally death in the air, Hedorah makes on deadly addition to the Vortaak army.


A robot used by the Vortaak to assist the Alien monsters in destroying humanity to make them bend to their will. Just as Global Defense turned the tables on the Vortaak, creating their own version of the aliens’ evil Mechagodzilla, the Vortaak have done the same thing to humanity. Their version of MOGUERA, Mogera, lacks most of the Earth version’s weaponry but makes up for night impenetrable armor. While Mogera is admittedly slow-moving, it is because the alien mecha moves like a tank, crushing any opposing monster or mech that gets in its way. It has only one weapon – energy blasts from its eyes – but they are deadly in their own right. Mogera’s slow, methodical type of attack goes well with the quick, hand-to-hand capabilities of the Vortaak Mechagodzilla, and the two make quite the deadly duo. In the final movie, Mogera attacked a small village with its eye beams, and proved immune to machinegun fire, flamethrowers, and mortar rounds. It was destroyed when the bridge it was standing on collapsed due to the military dynamiting it, with help from its larger, Earth counterpart: the real MOGUERA.


Giant, mutated prymantis', Kamacuras are in numbers all over the world and come to battle Godzilla under false pretenses because they’re always evil. They have the natural abilities a normal praying mantis would have, such as flight and spiked claws. When it comes to the Elite Kamacuras, which are usually bigger and more aggressive than the normal Kamacuras, they're shown to have a new deadly ability: the power to alter its natural color, thus allowing Kamacuras to camouflage and blend in with its surroundings, waiting to ambush its unwary opponent.


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Man-eating bird/bat-like creatures and Gamera’s archenemy(s), Gyaos are creatures that resemble giant Pterosaur/Bat-like creatures, with a flattened, arrow shaped head, leather wing with three claws on each, taloned feet and a flat tail. There are numerous swarms if Gyaos all over the planet but pose as no real sign of danger to any tough monster, unless they're the fastest and strongest ones. Their main power is a sonic beam fired from their mouth, which can cut through even the toughest of monsters like a knife through butter.


A race of extraterrestrials that resemble ants, Legion is an old foe of Gamera’s which travel across the galaxy to colonize unsuspecting planets, killing off the native populace in the process.


A powerful creature that must feed on bodily fluids to survive and to feed his strength. He is Gamera's ultimate and most powerful foe.


A truly bizarre and grotesque creature, the origins of Clover (code-man by the United States government) are a complete mystery. All that is known of the beast is that it rose out of the sea one night and laid waste to much of New York City. What happened to Clover after that is, for the most part, unknown, but it appears that whatever happened to him, he survived. Now he is part of the evil Mutants’ ranks, Clover is proving himself to be quite a deadly force to be reckoned with. Not only does the creature possess a surprising amount of strength for such a frail-looking beast, but he also has the ability to shed deadly parasites from his body. The saliva of these man-sized creatures is lethal to anyone unlucky enough to be bitten by them, causing death almost instantly. It I unknown if Clover possesses similar abilities but what is known, in despite all that has been thrown at Clover…it's still alive…until Godzilla destroyed it…more than once.


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One of the most powerful, most monstrous beasts the world has ever known to be found on Earth, Golza was a sadistic monster that slaughtered anything in his path and everything he was pointing at. He also later returned as Fire Golza, a much stronger form compared to his origional. Fire Golza was also the sKate.


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The Space Dinosaur himself, Zetton was the fifth and most powerful monster that belonged to Kate.


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An ancient, clever, cunning, invisible beast, Neronga feeds on raw electricity for power and energy. Using his invisibility and electric shock, Neronga can weaken his opponents.


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A terrible, predatory monster of Earth and, without a doubt, one of the most formidable monsters to ever roam the world, Gudon a force to be reckoned with, slaying his prey with whip-like arms and feeding on their flesh. He actively hunted other monsters, including his favorite prey: Twin-Tail.


One of the many behemoths of the monster world, Mukadendar is a predatory, centipede-like monster that thrives in the deep underground, often sleeping for days at a time, only to come up to the surface to feed or fight Monster that either disturbed it while in its sleep or ones in its territory.