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Dark Gomora(ダークゴモラDākugomora), also known as Shadow Gomora, is the evil version of Gomora and the nemesis of him.

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According to the myth, Dark Gomora was combined with a normal Gomorasaurus and a Dark stone.

GODZILLA: The King of Monsters[]

Season 1[]

Pheonix X Dinosaur[]

Dark Gomora was a normal Gomora until he got captured by an evil unknown alien who combined him with a Dark Stone, turning him into Dark Gomora.

Later in Monster Island, Dark Gomora was sent to destroy all monsters living in Monster Island. Anguirus ran to Dark Gomora quickly, but Dark Gomora dodged his roll and used his Shadow Blasts at Anguirus.

As he had a long fight with Monster Island's other monsters, Godzilla, Gomora and Anguirus all used their most powerful moves, killing him.

Physical Appearance[]

Dark Gomora's design is basically Gomora's design, except his eyes are red in color and his skin is black in color.

Powers and Abilities[]

Dark Gomora

Dark Gomora attacking

Although he was originally a Gomorasaurus who had no powers, unlike Gomora, he was combined with a Dark Stone which gave him powers such as these Abilities:

  • Shadow Blasts: Dark Gomora can fire Purple, V-shaped energy blasts on tip of his head crest in rapid succession. Unlike Gomora again, they have small explosions that damage the opponent a bit more than Gomora's energy blasts.
  • Black Thunder: Dark Gomora can fire powerful, paralyzing shadow thunder from between that can make Gomora not moving for about 3 seconds.
  • Super Immortality Wave: When Dark Gomora's crests light up purple, Dark Gomora fires up an immensely powerful wave which is a bit stronger than Gomora's oscillatory wave. Another way of how he fires it is by placing it on the opponent's belly and firing it and exploding them to death. Although this wasn't seen in the episode and has had actually this move, although he never did it for an unknown reason.
  • Shadow Ring: Dark Gomora can create a ring that can blind his opponent for 1 second.
  • Mega-Ton Tail: Dark Gomora's most notable move, Dark Gomora has an enormous and long tail which he uses to swing at opponents. Although not really strong, he uses this a lot for combat and when it is detached, it can regrow its tail faster than Gomora.
  • Demonic Crescent: Dark Gomora can fire a purple crescent from the left and right of his head. It's incredibly and immensely powerful, and may be smaller than his Shadow Blasts, but gives more damage.
  • Hyper Flames: Dark Gomora can release a purple flamethrower out from his mouth and is immensely powerful.