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Goddesszilla, often nicknamed Female Godzilla, is the former Queen of the Monsters as well as Godzilla's deceased mother. Having saved the world from countless monsters, Goddesszilla had become a savior of the Earth. Once the most powerful Godzilla of her time, she was fatally injured fighting SpaceGodzilla and died as a result. Since then, she has been the driving force of Godzilla's vengeance.



Goddesszilla had lived on Lagos Island her whole life. For many decades, she had been through many battles with other monsters and gained many allies over the years. For a time, she was the only one of her kind. Until one day, she had given birth to an egg. Once it hatched, another Godzilla came into the world and Goddesszilla trained and raised it to become the next monarch of all kaiju.

Goddesszilla vs. SpaceGodzilla[]


Godzilla The King of the Monsters The Series[]

Season 1[]

Monsterous Pilot[]

After bidding her son farewell and giving out one final roar to the world, Goddesszilla dies at the beginning of this episode. However, all of her energy and power transfers to her son, Godzilla, and he grows to become an adult as well as the last of his kind. Once again bidding his mother farewell, Godzilla buries her in a pile of boulders and departs from Lagos Island.

Season 2[]

Season 3[]

Godzilla vs. SpaceGodzilla[]

Goddesszilla appears in a nightmare Godzilla is having during the beginning of the Season 3 finale.


Not unlike her son, Goddesszilla was extremely strong, courageous, determined, and unstoppable. And like Godzilla, she felt that humanity was worth saving. Towards her allies, Goddesszilla was caring and friendly but when it came to her enemies, Goddesszilla possessed a ferocious nature.

Goddesszilla is also very protective of her son and would go to great lengths for him and fight any monster to save him.


Godzilla 2002.jpg

Though she is almost exactly like, if not, even very similar to her son's third adult physical appearance, Goddesszilla was, in several ways at least, different. She had a smaller head, not unlike that of Godzilla's second form. The dorsal plates were classic bone-white in color and were jagged as well. Her skin is also charcoal black.

After the fight with SpaceGodzilla, Goddesszilla's appearance remained basically the same. However, she had one minor difference: only sporting a large scar on the chest region, sustained from SpaceGodzilla's crystals and Corona Beam.

Powers and Abilities[]

As Queen of the Monsters, Goddesszilla was said to have been the most powerful Godzilla of her time, possessing unbeatable rage, unbelievable power, and indestructible will. Before her son become the King of the Monsters, she never lost one fight against any enemy in any battle.

  • Atomic Ray: Her signature weapon, Goddesszilla's dorsal fins glow auspiciously and then she launches a devastating, concentrated blue ray of pure radiation from her mouth. This exceptionally powerful Atomic Ray has explosive and kinetic energy and can cause massive damage, igniting and setting fires, creating massive explosions that rival her own size to nearly anything it hits and can completely kill all but the strongest opponents with a single shot. It even has a powerful concussion force, able to force back opponents effortlessly.
  • Intelligence: While humans often assume she is a wild brutish animal, Goddesszilla has demonstrated intelligence on par with, if not exceeding, human intelligence. She is able to fully communicate with other giant monsters by speaking a language of roars and grunts that only giant monsters understand. Goddesszilla employs strategy in battle against more powerful foes and has found and exploited scientific weaknesses in his opponents that even humans were not aware of.
  • Energy Absorption: Goddesszilla has a remarkable capacity for absorbing energy, such as nuclear energy, in order to grow in power and unleash new, deadly attacks. She is also capable of absorbing electricity such as lightning energy.
  • Super Strength: Goddesszilla possesses remarkably incredible physical strength, allowing her to knock down large buildings and lift and throw opponents several times her size with ease.
  • Regeneration: Goddesszilla has an enhanced regenerative ability, allowing her to heal non-fatal wounds near instantly. Goddesszilla's regeneration is due to a substance in his cells known as Organizer G1, which has proven to be highly mutagenic to other creatures.
  • Durability: Goddesszilla's hide is nearly indestructible and can not be damaged via conventional weapons, allowing her to withstand gunfire, missiles, and even blows from other monsters with impressive resistance. Few of Goddesszilla's opponents can pierce her skin and draw blood.
  • Nuclear Energy Pulse: Should an opponent grab a hold of her, Goddesszilla can surge and then release a powerful shockwave blast of painful amounts of nuclear energy from throughout her entire body, which is useful when he is restrained or in close combat with a foe, forcing any other creature to release her and throwing whatever touches him away.
  • Long Prehensile Whip Tale: Goddesszilla's tail is extremely long, flexible and so powerful that it can be used as if a whip, perfect for whipping, bashing, and bludgeoning against even the strongest of enemies. The end of her tail is also prehensile, allowing it to be able to coil and curl around and constrict an opponent's limb.
  • Hyper Atomic Ray: A far more powerful, devastating variation of Goddesszilla's atomic breath which can only be fired when she has absorbed a considerable amount of power. Her most powerful attack, it is a golden-colored Atomic Ray that has enough of the firepower to completely destroy the strongest of enemies and generate massive explosions even larger than Goddesszilla herself. In addition, as she absorbs more radiation, the beam will also increase in power.
  • Energy Conduction: Goddesszilla is capable of discharging energy through her physical blows at opponents by conducting energy through her touch. In addition, Goddesszilla can use this power to block an opponents' energy through her bite.
  • Razor Spikes: Not only does Goddesszilla's spines glow and release large amounts of heat while charging her atomic beam, but also are very sharp. The edges of the tallest spike of Goddesszilla is extremely sharp, allowing her to be able to cut straight through buildings and even cut off an opponent’s limbs in a single pass.
  • Atomic Fireballs: Goddesszilla can launch powerful, explosive fireballs of red atomic energy from her mouth that can destroy weaker monsters in a single strike.
  • Extraordinary Jumper: Goddesszilla can jump high and far through the air.
  • Energy Transfer: Goddesszilla can install energy into others. However, should Female Godzilla die or be killed, she transfers her energy into that of another Godzilla, gifting them more power.
  • Sixth Sense: Goddesszilla has a keen ability to detect when she is in danger. She can use this to even sense when powerful attacks are being aimed directly at her. She can even use this sense to detect opponents from behind and attack them without looking.