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Godzilla (ゴジラ Gojira), also called The King of the Monsters is the titular kaiju of the Titan Saga and the main titular protagonist of the series.The undisputed King of the Monsters, Godzilla made his first appearance in Godzilla B.C. where he was ancient life form from the Permian period, having survived various extinction events by consuming geothermal radiation in a hibernation-like state at the bottom of the sea.

As the Reboot continued, the great beast was developed as a character, and eventually became a savior of the earth, saving the world from other monsters like King Ghidorah, Gigan, and Mechagodzilla, along with other monsters like Anguirus, Rodan, and Mothra.



250 million B.C Godzilla was born and Dagon taught him how to use his atomic breath around 65 Million B.C an aliens race arrives on earth and begins deploying seeds Godzilla and Dagon took to the depths around 13,000 B.C Godzilla and Dagon fought King ghidorah and Gigan and after the battle sealed ghidorah in ice for thousands of years around 11,500 B.C Godzilla and Dagon had fought Muto Prime but Unfortunately Dagon was killed by Muto-prime.That event drove Godzilla even further and he's always wanted to destroy that monster ever since.Over the next century, Godzilla was supposedly alone due to his father’s death he was the most important thing in his life and without him Godzilla was not only on his own, but was well, and truly, the last of his kind.


Around 250 Million B.C Godzilla was born in front of his father Dagon and Dagon became a father and began to raise Godzilla and around 230 Million B.C during the Triassic after the Permian extinction dinosaurs began to rise but the extinction didn’t affect Godzilla and Dagon, Dagon began to teach Godzilla how to use his atomic breath and Godzilla fired his atomic breath. Then 65 Million B.C an unknown alien race arrives on earth and begins deploying seeds across the landscape Godzilla and Dagon saw this and hid into the ocean while the aliens killed the dinosaurs and took the metal and would create his ultimate nemesis King ghidorah .


Around 13,000 B.C million of years after the aliens killed the dinosaurs Godzilla and Dagon began to roam and saw temples, Then they saw Ghidorah and Gigan After the battle Godzilla and Dagon killed gigan they sealed Ghidorah into an Icey prison for 13,000 years until awakening in 2019.

In 11,500 B.C Just 2,000 years after he and Dagon defeated Ghidorah Dagon began to be worshipped by ancient humans Then Dagon fought Muto prime And had two ovipositors injected into him as the offspring feasted on Dagon’s radiation Dagon died and Godzilla was the last of his kind.

Godzilla Awakening[]

in the year 1946 Godzilla was Awakened by bombings while surviving for thousands of years after his father’s death retreated to the ocean depths as the Earth's and feeding on the planet's natural geothermal radiation. Godzilla remained dormant underwater, appearing occasionally at various points in human history, inspiring the mythologies of several cultures.Godzilla detected the mating call of a shinomura  when Godzilla came ashore on Moansta Island, both Shinomura appeared, and merge into a larger one. The two kaiju then began to fight. After a long struggle, Godzilla incinerated one Shinomura with his atomic breath, but the other escaped. A trap was then set for both of the creatures at Bikini Atoll, leaving a radiation trail for Shinomura, which would in turn lure Godzilla. A nuclear "test" was staged, trying to kill both Godzilla and Shinomura using a hydrogen bomb. Shinomura was destroyed in the explosion, but Godzilla survived.

Godzilla (2014)[]

In 2014 Godzilla detected the mating call of a muto and begins to hunt the muto and arrives at Honolulu Hawaii Godzilla and the muto duke it out until the muto retreats and Godzilla begins to follow the muto and the military plans to kill Godzilla and the two mutos with a nuclear warhead as Godzilla approaches the Golden Gate Bridge the military attacks but Godzilla brakes through the bridge and continues to approach the muto as night fell on San Francisco Godzilla and the mutos fight with the two getting the advantage on Godzilla by hitting him and his weaknesses the Gills before they can kill Godzilla an explosion of the nest causes the female to head back to the nest giving Godzilla time to recover as Godzilla fired his atomic breath at the female the male attack Godzilla behind giving the female time to get the warhead as Godzilla swong his tail at the male muto it causes a building to fall on him as the female attack the military trying to get the warhead away from the city the female uses her emp to shutdown the boat Godzilla bites her on the neck and pulls her back and does the kiss of death Godzilla roars out in victory before fall onto the ground unconscious Godzilla gets up and heads back into the ocean.

Godzilla Aftershock[]

Shortly after the mutos were defeated another one emerged even larger than the male and female. Godzilla arrives to fight it but the creature punched him in the face as it leaves, Godzilla knows this creature killed his father back when he was young as Godzilla persuaded the creature he tryied to fight it the creature but always flees until confronting it in Montana the creature now know as Muto prime begins to fight Godzilla as the two begin to fight the muto prime had the advantage and used its ultra sonic roar to shatter Godzilla’s dorsal palates as the muto was about to the very exact thing it did Dagon back in 11,500 B.C until the humans intervened as Godzilla lifted the muto up and used his shattered spines to fire it into the sky as the muto fell to the ground it looked at Godzilla one last time before getting it’s head stepped on as Godzilla roared out in victory with his spines shattered and glowing blue and goes back into the ocean for 5 years of hibernation.

Godzilla: King of the Monsters[]

In the present Monarch and a recently-reawakened Godzilla travel to Antarctica where the Global warming realizes ntentions to free a Titan encased in the ice called "Monster zero". Once there,Monster Zero begins rampaging until Godzilla emerges through the ice while and Godzilla arrived, engaging in a fight that ends with Monster Zero flying away.Much later over the oceans, Godzilla emerges and engages Monster Zero again, successfully tearing off one of its heads. During the battle, the military launches a missile known as the Oxygen Destroyer towards them, seemingly killing Godzilla, who sinks into the ocean. Monster Zero survives the missile unscathed and regenerates its missing head with a recovered Rodan, which becomes submissive to its rule, later. Eventually, Monarch discovers that Monster Zero’s real name is King Ghidorah, an alien who has usurped Godzilla’s position as the alpha.Following Ghidorah’s ascension and the awakening of Titans around the world, Mothra emerges from her cocoon underneath the waterfall and flies to Castle Bravo to communicate with Godzilla, who had survived the detonation and is recuperating in a chamber inside an underwater city. Monarch uses the communication frequency to locate the pair. There, Mark and a Monarch team board a submarine to revive Godzilla, as they realize the natural process could take years. Ultimately, the team decides to detonate a nuclear weapon, allowing Godzilla to feed on the radiation, but due to earlier damages the submarine suffered from a vortex, the weapon system is offline. Serizawa volunteers to sacrifice himself to manually detonate the weapon, which will revive Godzilla. As the weapon counts down to detonation, Godzilla awakens and stares at Serizawa, who touches Godzilla and bids goodbye to him who Serizawa calls his old friend. After the detonation, Godzilla emerges from the ocean and hovers menacingly in front of the sub.After staring at the humans for a minute and realizing they are not a threat to him, Godzilla spares their lives and leaves without harming them.Ghidorah and his army are lured and wreak havoc to Boston and Ghidorah attempts to kill Madison,only for Godzilla to appear with His army and Monarch's assistance to engage it. Mothra and Rodan begin to fight each other while Godzilla battles Ghidorah. Mothra defeats Rodan but is disintegrated by one of Ghidorah's blasts.while King Ghidorah starts absorbing Godzilla's energy Rodan,starts to attacking him causing distracting Ghidorah Godzilla awakens again but this time gaining a glowing fiery form full of atomic energy and maximum radiation, activating a nuclear pulse that obliterates Ghidorah's wings. Ghidorah attempts to use his Gravity Beams on Godzilla; instead of injuring Godzilla, his beams inadvertently and seemingly charges up Godzilla  fires his atomic breath at King Ghidorah's middle neck, Godzilla threw King Ghidorah into the air and blasted him with his Infinite Heat Ray, pushing King Ghidorah into space and causing him to explode.

After the defeat of King Ghidorah Rodan and the other Titans then converge on Godzilla, bowing to him as their new alpha.

Godzilla vs Kong[]

5 years after King Ghidorah’s defeat Godzilla went berserk and began attack bases while the humans needed Kong to transport him to Antarctica to find the tunnel to the hollow earth While kong was getting transported by sea Godzilla emerged from the ocean to fight kong thus leading to a fight in the ocean where Godzilla had the advantage after Godzilla won round 1. He went to Hong Kong To find kong thus using his atomic breath to drill to the hollow earth after kong climbed out of the hollow earth he fought Godzilla in the city of Hong Kong after kong wins round 2. Godzilla gets up and searches for him after having a roar off Godzilla spared kong thou promising him a slow and painful death. After the battle with kong Godzilla found the culprit

Mechagodzilla As Godzilla and mechagodzilla begin to fight mechagodzilla had the advantage and nearly killed Godzilla then kong gets back up and help Godzilla defeat the mech, after the battle Godzilla and kong have a stand off and knows their to weak to fight kong and Godzilla sign a truce with Godzilla heading back into the ocean and Kong heading to his new home the hollow earth.

Godzilla The Series[]

Godzilla will the main titular protagonist of the entire series and battle every Monster Villain

Powers and Abilities[]

Amphibious lifestyle[]

Though technically a reptile and therefore not an amphibian, Godzilla has an amphibious lifestyle. He spends half of his life in water and the other on land. He is as adept a fighter underwater as he is on land. Capable of marching on the seafloor or swimming by undulating his tail like a crocodile at swimming speeds between 40 to 120 knots, Godzilla is displayed as being able to breathe underwater, or occasionally hibernating in the ocean depths between movies. He is also a capable fighter in water as he is on land, even during a fight underwater, he almost appears to be flying.Godzilla possesses gills and amphibious lungs so he can stay underwater indefinitely, but he closes his gills when he's on land so he can use his lungs. These gills appear to be his weak points, as Godzilla reacts aggressively whenever he is hit in the gills by artillery fire or strikes from the MUTOs' claws.

Atomic breath[]

Godzilla can launch a powerful, focused, neon-blue laser-like beam attack with outright destructive potential, powerful enough to set monsters like Ookondoru and Kamacuras aflame as well as being capable of causing large explosions and severely wounding some monsters, such as Rodan, when fired at point-blank range.Godzilla’s atomic breath is also shown as having incendiary properties. Additionally, it's shown to possess a lot of concussive force, having been able to knock other monsters down. It was also able to strike both Mothra and her larvae without causing extensive damage, instead providing a much more concussive blow that incapacitated them and knocked them down, but didn't initially kill them outright.While Godzilla's atomic breath has typically been shown to set entire city blocks ablaze and easily obliterate military weaponry, many other monsters have shown the ability to withstand it, at least in the first few strikes. For example, both Rodan and King Ghidorah were able to withstand direct hits from Godzilla's atomic breath.In addition, Godzilla can also unleash a stronger version of his atomic ray. Much more powerful than his normal atomic breath, this Super Atomic Beam is emitted when Godzilla channels immense power. His eyes and spikes also glow dark blue. Godzilla is able to use this attack to knock or push back opponents several times heavier than him. Before Godzilla fires the super atomic breath, his dorsal plates also are surrounded in blue electricity.

 Bio-atomic Nature[]

Godzilla's power originates from a bio-nuclear circulatory system. Activating when threatened, a neutron flux is triggered that travels up Godzilla's dorsal fins to nucleosynthetic chambers in his throat and explodes into his atomic breath. His radioactive signature also makes it easy for Godzilla to be followed and monitored.

Energy absorption and projection[]

Godzilla has been shown absorbing various forms of energy besides nuclear radiation. In Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla, lightning is shown striking Godzilla's dorsal plates, causing them to glow. As a result, Godzilla is able to harness electricity after being struck repeatedly by lightning, granting him the ability to become a living magnetic pole. Additionally, in The Return of Godzilla, Godzilla was shown being energized and awakened by lightning.


The extent of Godzilla's intelligence varies throughout the character's history, but Godzilla is generally depicted as a thinking creature. Godzilla is depicted as being close in intelligence to a human, capable of abstract thought, and able to communicate with other monsters. Other times, Godzilla displays a simple animal-like cunning, reacting on animal cunning and instinct more consecutively, as demonstrated by his conditioned response in The Return of Godzilla.

Magnetic powers[]

In Godzilla vs. King Kong, Godzilla found a way to generate powerful magnetic fields from his body after being struck several times by lightning, which proved devastating against his metallic foe. This is the only time Godzilla ever used this power.

Nuclear Pulse[]

In addition to his very deadly atomic breath, Godzilla can also release a pulse of radioactive energy in all directions from every inch of his body in a short-range pulse. The pulse was first seen in his fight against the MUTOs. Godzilla used the nuclear pulse throughout the series.

Thermonuclear pulses[]

As with his previous incarnations, Godzilla can release pulses of radioactive energy. He first demonstrated this in Godzilla: King of the Monsters where, after absorbing the radiation of a nuclear blast and Mothra’s life force, Godzilla starts to heat up with a fiery red glow, burning and melting objects in his vicinity while becoming completely immune to Ghidorah's gravity beams. This energy overload grants him control over tremendously powerful thermonuclear pulses that incinerates most of Ghidorah's body and a large portion of Boston with him. The shape of these particular pulses also resembles Mothra's wings while the sound of the explosions resembles Mothra's screech, for this ability is a result of Godzilla and Mothra's symbiotic bond, and can only be used in the most specific of circumstances.

Radiation stream[]

In Godzilla Series in season one, Godzilla demonstrated a variation of the thermonuclear pulse which projected as a focused wave from his dorsal plates. He demonstrated this after said body part was damaged by MUTO Prime's sonic roar. The attack's firepower was strong enough to severely crippled MUTO Prime.

 Physical Abilities[]


Starting in the first film, Godzilla has an uncanny ability to sustain damage throughout his films, displaying an immunity to conventional weaponry, virtually impervious to everything the JSDF threw at him. Dr. Yamane states that the very fact Godzilla survived exposure to a hydrogen bomb explosion is a testament to his durability.

In addition to being extremely resistant to damage, Godzilla possesses an extremely advanced and highly efficient regenerative ability. In Godzilla vs. MechaGodzilla, it is explained that Godzilla's regenerative abilities may have something to do with his radioactive properties, and Organizer G-1 ("Regenerator G-1" in the American version) is the name given to a substance in his cells that is responsible for Godzilla's swift healing.

He has demonstrated the ability to survive complete submersion in magma for an extended period of time, sometimes while under extreme pressure from tectonic plates. In addition, Godzilla also has a nearly impenetrable hide, which allows him to be resistant to almost any form of attack.

Speed & Agility[]

Godzilla's top swimming speed can reach up to 80 knots, and he is fast enough to slam a stray Gyaos onto a skyscraper with his tail. Godzilla is also able to run at great speed when charging King Ghidorah, running in a horizontal posture comparatively similar to that of a theropod dinosaur.


Godzilla possesses enormous stamina. At one point, while pinned underneath a skyscraper that collapsed on him, it did not keep him subdued for long as he quickly got back to his feet to continue pursuing his enemy. Godzilla is shown to be able to travel for thousands of miles for days to track down his enemies, and he does not show any signs of exhaustion when he reaches his destination to prepare himself for battle.

Strength and Combat[]

As attributed to his size, weight and mass, Godzilla has displayed varied levels of physical strength that are, at the very least, sufficient enough to lift weights exceeding 2,000 metric tons and smash skyscrapers. He has been depicted lifting and throwing monsters in excess of his own weight, such as King Ghidorah, Hedorah, Mechagodzilla and others, and in Godzilla: Final Wars was even able to throw Kumonga clear over the horizon. He is shown using various martial arts techniques in a comical fashion during the Showa Series, or moving very quickly in spite of his size, such as in Zone Fighter. In the Millennium series he has also been able to leap high into the air.

Godzilla's long tail is also a formidable weapon. It has been shown to be very flexible and powerful, able to lash out quickly and topple over buildings and enemy monsters. In Godzilla vs. Megalon, he was able to slide on his tail a great distance to deliver a devastating kick, and in Godzilla vs. Megaguirus, it was revealed to be prehensile as well. In all of his incarnations, he has been shown to have powerful jaws, sharp teeth, and claws, although these are more prominent in some incarnations than in others. Rarely, Godzilla also showed the ability to use his dorsal fins as a weapon, such as in Godzilla vs. Megaguirus, when he uses their jagged tips to slice off Megaguirus' claw, and Godzilla vs. Hedorah, where he used them to cut into Hedorah during the flying scene. Also in Godzilla 2000: Millennium and Godzilla vs. Megaguirus, the dorsal fins create a tremendous amount of heat when the atomic ray is being prepared.

However, many of the films show Godzilla preferring to battle his opponents from a distance, particularly in the Heisei series, either by using his atomic breath, or by throwing objects like boulders at them.

Like his previous incarnations, the Legendary Godzilla possesses immense physical strength and can use his huge mass as a weapon. He is able to toss both the male and female MUTOs around with ease by biting into their bodies and he is able to effortlessly push the female M.U.T.O through a building. The strength of his tail swings are great enough to kill the male M.U.T.O outright as well as knock over a large skyscraper by accident. Unlike previous incarnations, however, he didn't use his arms much to toss them around. This is due to his fighting style being modeled after bears which, despite having powerful front legs, use their jaws as their primary weapon. Overall, the Legendary Godzilla's fighting style seems to be somewhat of a reversal of the typical Godzilla fighting style, preferring to be in close and in direct combat with his targets rather than relying on his atomic breath or throwing objects. Godzilla is also able to cause tsunamis by just going to shore.


in Godzilla Series in Season 2, Godzilla used his atomic breath to fly by aiming it at the ground and lifting off like a rocket. in the Season 3 Godzilla used a attack where it is called "Back Charge."

 Sixth Senses[]

Godzilla has a very strong sense of hearing, as he was able to track down King Ghidorah's location from the ocean by his screaming roar. Additionally, Godzilla seemingly possesses a sixth sense, as he was able to detect Mothra was behind him and attack her with his massive tail.


In addition, Godzilla’s dorsal plates create a tremendous amount of heat when the atomic ray is being prepared. They are also very sharp and can cut a monster’s limb off in a single strike.

Spiral Beam[]

A far more powerful variation of the standard atomic breath was the "spiral atomic ray." This version of Godzilla's atomic breath is much more powerful and destructive than his normal atomic breath, can create massive explosions larger than himself, and is wrapped in an electrical spiral. Before Godzilla fires the spiral breath, his dorsal plates are surrounded in electricity as well as red energy. This red-deep orange-yellow beam is so powerful that only one blast of it was sufficient to completely destroy King Ghidorah and a few to destroy SpaceGodzilla.As a result of Godzilla absorbing Mothra's life energy in Godzilla vs. King Ghidorah:Battle of Gods, Godzilla was somehow able to draw strength from the gravity beams and used the absorbed energy to fire a blast of red-yellow energy surrounded in electricity that completely destroyed King Ghidorah in one shot, destroying him in an explosion in the skies of Tokyo.

In the Godzilla series in the season 2 finale,Super Godzilla Powers and Abilities

  • Super Godzilla's has an Energy Tail attack that has Super Godzilla's energy channeled into his tail, and then launched toward the opponent. Unlike Godzilla's Tail Swipe, Super Godzilla does not slam its tail onto the target.
  • Super Godzilla can use an Explosive Shoulder Ram to ram into his opponent with broadened shoulders. The enemy then explodes temporarily.
  • Super Godzilla's Nova Breath is a powered-up version of the Atomic Breath. However, it is orange-yellow in color, and it does a lot of damage.
  • Super Godzilla's Navel Blast is his most powerful attack. His Navel core shines as energy swirls around the tip of the navel. Finally, Super Godzilla unleashes a blast from its navel that swirls until the tip of the beam morphs into the head of Super Godzilla and continues to blaze through until it hits the opponent. This attack does a lot of Damage to Mecha-King Ghidorah, therefore a battle using only Navel Blasts is a fast way to finish the battle, as it doesn't take that much of a fighting spirit to use the Navel Blast.
  • Super Godzilla has a Super Punch move that could charge energy in his hand and charge at an opponent punching with the energy in his hand doing a lot of damage to the opponent

All of Super Godzilla's attacks are more powerful than normal Godzilla's. He has more health than normal Godzilla and doesn't take damage from attacks from non-bosses. In addition, as Super Godzilla the damage that boss attacks do is roughly cut in half.


Despite being incredibly powerful, Godzilla does have a few weaknesses.

Excess radiation[]

When Dr. Serizawa detonated a nuclear warhead to revive Godzilla, its radiation combined with that of the Hollow Earth was too much for Godzilla's body to handle, and as such, he had a set amount of time before he exploded "like an atom bomb". Following Mothra's sacrifice and transference of power, however, this seems to no longer be a problem.


The gills on Godzilla's neck appear to be a weak spot, first demonstrated when he smashes through the Golden Gate Bridge after being hit there by missile fire. The two MUTOs were able to draw blood from Godzilla by hitting them with their claws.

Oxygen Destroyer[]

Godzilla was severely wounded by the Oxygen Destroyer and almost killed by it (a weapon that did not affect Ghidorah, due to his extraterrestrial nature) the Oxygen Destroyer forced him to retreat so that he could regenerate, but the process would have taken him years before he would be ready to face off Ghidorah again, prompting Serizawa to manually revive him with a nuclear warhead.

Short arms[]

While Godzilla's arms are strong, they are proven to be too short to reach the top of his head; a weakness exploited by the male MUTO, who latched onto the back of Godzilla's head just out of reach.