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Godzilla Junior (ゴジラジュニア, Gojira Jyunia), also known as Baby Godzilla (ベビーゴジラ, Bebii Gojira) and Little Godzilla (リトルゴジラ, Ritoru Gojira), is a young infant dinosaur kaiju and the adopted son of Godzilla.


Godzilla, the King of the Monsters Movie: The War for the World[]



Godzilla Junior's personality is not very unlike his adopted father. Godzilla Junior is much more friendly with humans than any of the Guardian monsters and is very nice and friendly to people and even other monsters. He is also very playful, enjoying such games as kicking large boulders and jumping over or riding on his father's tail. Whenever he is scared his eyes glow red. Junior seems to also know if another monster is a friend or an enemy. While he is usually fearful of other monsters, he occasionally shows courage when defending his human friends, although more often than not he is outmatched by other monsters.

Powers and Abilities[]

Much like his father, Godzilla Junior is shown to be fairly resilient in his final appearance, but is relatively weak compared to most monsters. Junior also appears to display a slight resistance to Micro-Oxygen, as when he fought the Aggregate and Flying forms of Destoroyah, he was bitten almost directly over his heart, yet his regenerative abilities allowed him to continue to fight on.

  • Telepathy - Godzilla Junior is capable of telepathic communication with Godzilla.
  • Radiation Absorption - Junior is capable of absorbing radiation that he is exposed to. in order to grow in power and size.
  • Atomic Breath - Godzilla Junior can spit a strong atomic heat beam of pure radiation from his mouth. Though not as powerful or fully formed as Godzilla's, this ray can cause massive damage, igniting fires and causing massive explosions. 
  • Regeneration - Like Godzilla, Godzilla Junior possesses an enhanced regenerative ability, giving him the capacity to regenerate non-fatal wounds fairly quickly. Junior healed from a deep bite wound in his neck inflicted by Destoroyah in a matter of hours.