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Gomora (ゴモラ, Gomora) is an ancient dinosaur-like kaiju known as Gemolasaurus. Often referred to as the "Crown Prince of the Monsters", he is immensely powerful, thus being one of the toughest and most powerful monsters in the series. He is portrayed as a comrade and ally to the respective protagonist of the series, Godzilla.



According to myth, Gomora is a powerful, ancient dinosaur-like kaiju that was named Gemolasaurus. It had existed on the Earth millions of years ago. When the dinosaurs died out, Gemolasaurus had evolved to live underground and survived extinction.

Godzilla The King of the Monsters The Series[]

Season One[]

The Lawless Zones Monsters[]

When Godzilla arrived on the Monster Island Lawless Zone and battled Red King to a standstill, he was almost defeated until Gomora appeared out the mountain side and fought Red King.

Gomora, being stronger than Red King, had the upperhand and eventually weakened and defeated Red King with his Energy Wave Blasters and Lightning Bolt, defeating the King of the Monster Lawless Zone, with help from Godzilla.

Then after Godzilla thanked Gomora for his help, the Monster King went back to Monster Island and then an alien being called a Reioenyx named Rei came to Earth and was beyond more than impressed with Gomora and his abilities. So Rei made Gomora his first monster and summoned him in his Battlenizer.

Phoenix X Dinosaur[]


Physical Appearance[]

Being an ancient kaiju, Gomora has the appearance of a dinosaur. He has a nasal horn on his nose and moon-shaped crests on top of his head. He also has a very long tail.

Powers and Abilities[]

Although Gomora is a simple earthly kaiju, he does have some of the powers that other kaiju have. When Gomora first appeared, he had a major variety of energy power attacks at its disposal and also has extraordinary strength that can rival an Ultraman. When in Rei's Battle Nizer, Gomora (as with all Battlenizer kaiju) gained a new finishing attack, becoming one of the most powerful monsters to appear. Here are Gomora's powers and techniques:


Gomora originally possessed a variety of supernatural powers and energy attacks at its disposal, and also has extraordinary strength that can rival even an Ultra. After becoming a Battle Nizer monster, Gomora seemed to be much stronger than he originally was, and was able to use energy attacks.

  • Super Oscillatory Wave: Gomora can fire a concentrated wave of energy from his nasal horn that deals heavy damage to opponents, usually killing them in one blow. This wave is used by normal Gomora to help them burrowing underground.
    • Super Oscillatory Wave (Zero Shoot): A variation of Super Oscillatory Wave fired at point blank. When Gomora impales his foe first using its horn, he then fires an oscillatory wave that surges through his opponent's body. He soon throughs them in the air as they fall and exploded once reaching the ground.
    • Burrowing: Gomora can burrow at fast speeds by using the Super Oscillatory Wave to move the earth around it.
  • Mega-ton Tail: Perhaps his most notable weapon, Gomora's enormous and powerful tail is often used in combat, even when severed it can briefly live on and attack. This tail is able to lift his whole body. When the tail is severed, it can rewatch or regrow should it be destroyed.
  • Strength: Gomora is a monster with immense strength, enough to knock back Ultras and throw heavy objects.
  • Brave Burst: A momentary power boost which allows Gomora's strength to drastically increase.
  • EX Transformation: Rei can command Gomora to transform into its EX form.

Gomora Burst Legend.png

Reionyx Burst Gomora is an evolved that Gomora owns via a Reionyx, created when his master, Rei, gives into their Rayblood nature as well as their rage. In the beginning, Rei began to experiences mental burst of rage and adrenaline that drives him and Gomora into fighting. These anger outbursts had Gomora worried about his partner, which lead to his evolution into Burst Mode. At first, Gomora was unable to control himself like his master, Rei, but after GDF saved Rei from his evil nature, Gomora was able to save Rei as well.

  • Super Oscillatory Wave: Reionics Burst Gomora can fire an enhanced version of its trademark attack, able to destroy all but the strongest monsters.
    • Super Oscillatory Wave (Zero Shoot): A variation of Super Oscillatory Wave, fired from point-blank. This was used to defeat Ultraseven when both Gomora and Rei were under Belial's control.
  • Thick Hide: Reionyx Burst Gomora has a hide thick enough to shrug off most attacks with ease.
  • EX Transformation: Reionyx Burst Gomora can transform into EX Gomora when commanded to by Rei.


EX Gomora is a more powerful form of Gomora that first appeared. It gains a new set of powers.

  • Tail Spear: EX Gomora has extending tail with a sharp end that he uses to impale his enemies.
  • Rolling Attack: EX Gomora can roll up into a ball and slam into his opponent.
  • Super Strength: EX Gomora's strength was sufficient in taking on the combined strength of Zetton and King Joe Black with not much effort.
  • Thick Hide: Ex Gomora's hide was impervious to a combined assault from Zetton's Rebound beam and King Joe Black's cannon, as well as resist a slash from Armored Darkness's Sword with little effort.
  • EX Super Oscillatory Wave: A much more powerful version of the Super Oscillatory Wave fired from its chest, capable of taking out some of the strongest kaiju.
  • Burrowing: EX Gomora is capable of burrowing underground.