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Gudon (グドン, Gudon) is a prehistoric kaiju.


In ancient times, Gudon actively hunted other monsters , slashing his prey with whip-like arms and feeding on their flesh, including their favorite prey: Twin Tail.

Powers and Abilities[]

An ancient kaiju having been around since the time of the dinosaurs, Gudon is terrible, predatory monster of Earth and, without a doubt, one of the most formidable monsters to ever roam the ancient world. Gudon is a force to be reckoned with, slaying his prey with whip-like arms and feeding on their flesh.

  • Oscillatory Tentacle Excavator: Gudon has arms that are and end with two, large, long whips for arms in replace/instead of hands he uses to whip and choke foes. These are very strong and can be used to whip, bash, and batter enemies or as well as use them as ropes to ensnare, constrict, and choke them.
    • Burrowing: By moving his whip arms fast enough Gudon can tunnel underground at moderate speeds.
  • Thick Hide: Due to its rhinoceros-like hide, Gudon can withstand rocket bomb attacks from GDF's aircrafts.
  • Strong Jaws: Gudon has powerful jaws, capable of lifting weaker kaiju as large as he is off the ground and slamming them back down with enough force to kill them.

Physical Appearance[]

Gudon is light brown or pail tan in color and has two, long black whips and two black horns on his head. He also has spikes on his arms, legs, and all the way down from his back to his tail.