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Kumonga (クモンガ, Kumonga) is a giant spider kaiju. Often referred to as the alpha predator of Monster Island, Kumonga first appeared in The Son of Godzilla. Originally an adversary to Godzilla, Kumonga then came to aid in the final battle against King Ghidorah. Since then, Godzilla and Kumonga have been tolerant of each other.


Kumonga's name comes from kumo (クモ), which is the Japanese word for "spider."


Essentially a giant spider, Kumonga's body is black with yellow stripes. She has eight cold-color eyes (blue), an arachnid mouth, and eight legs.


Kumonga makes a variety of chirping noises as well as a series of bird-like calls.


Kumonga is portrayed as a vicious predator that attacks anything it sees. Kumonga is not averse to attacking humans, as it spends a good deal of time trying to capture any human who finds themselves on Monster Island.

By Godzilla vs. King Ghidorah, Kumonga is shown to live peacefully with the other monsters on Monster Island. However, at one point, after simply being a rampaging monster at first, Kumonga becomes a loyal ally to the other Earth monsters and assists them in the final battle against King Ghidorah.


Kumonga is a gigantic spider native to Monster Island, which while not active and hunting hibernates for years at a time under a valley. It is possible that like Godzilla, Kumonga was effected by radiation and mutated it to grow 45 meters tall. 


The Son of Godzilla[]

While venturing across Monster Island in search of Godzilla, Anguirus accidentally knocks a boulder into Kumonga's valley, awakening the giant spider from its sleep.

Mothra I: Godzilla Against Mothra[]

Godzilla vs. King Ghidorah[]

Powers and Abilities[]

Camouflage and stealth[]

Kumonga is perfectly adapted for camouflage in the dense forests of Monster Island. With her limbs resembling bamboo stalks and her body held high above the forest canopy, she blend seamlessly with the forest, allowing her to attack unaware prey that passes through her territory.


Kumonga was able to survive multiple hits from Minilla’s atomic ray.


Kumonga has long legs ending in sharp points which can be used to skewer opponents or crush through materials. She also appears to have jumping abilities.


The legs of Kumonga are filled with poison that allows her to drain vital nutrients from their victims.

Regenerative ability[]

In Godzilla vs. King Ghidorah, Kumonga appeared to regenerate a severed leg she had suffered in a battle with Gigan.

Speed and agility[]

Kumonga can use her legs to strike her intended victims in a swift motion. She is also able to jump and reach large heights.


Kumonga has a venomous stinger that can instantly kill a Kamacuras.

Strength and combat[]

Kumonga's spear-like tips of her legs can pierce through humans and most other monsters with ease.


Kumonga use fleshy tentacles she releases from openings beneath her abdomens which snag prey and reel them up to her stomach.


Kumonga can shoot a thick webbing. During fights with other monsters, to slow them down, Kumonga's web is able to expand on contact with air from a single thread into a net for incapacitating foes.