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Manda (マンダ, Manda) is a sea dragon kaiju that first appeared in The Son of Godzilla. Once the guardian of the undersea empire of Mu, Manda was unleashed to destroy the Gotengo before it could breach the heart of the ancient city. However, Manda was defeated and took refuge on Monster Island. There, she became friends with Godzilla and the two of them remained so for years.

Reappearing in later movies, Manda would also help Godzilla battle against other powerful monsters, such as Destoroyah, Kiryu, and even King Ghidorah.


Manda's name could be a combination of the Japanese words "man" (万?) and "daija" (大蛇?), which when combined mean "ten thousand serpent."


Manda resembles an Eastern dragon, as she has an immensely long body, has four legs, multiple horns on her head all the way down to her tail, and two barbs coming from her face. 


Manda was given a variety of roars from different animals. For example, her roars are primarily made from human rasps (which were sped up and raised in pitch) and grunts mixed with snarls from lions, tigers, leopards, and other inorganic sounds. Manda also produces roars identical to a crocodile, elephant, sea lion, polar bear, walrus, and whale. Additionally, she makes one of the roars used for the lava monster Obsidius.


For thousands of years, Manda was the guardian of the ancient city of Mu, an underwater kingdom. How Manda became its protector and how long she had been protecting it is unknown. However, one day, Manda was confronted by E.D.F. forces and defeated by the warship Atragon. Following that, she escaped, arrived on Monster Island, and became a friend of the King of the Monsters Godzilla. 


Son of Godzilla[]

Godzilla vs. Destoroyah[]

Godzilla vs. MechaGodzilla[]

Godzilla vs. King Ghidorah[]

Powers and Abilities[]

Agility and Mobility[]

Manda is extremely fast and agile that torpedoes and other energy-based attacks usually can't hit her. Saturation attacks with depth bombs were meaningless against her deep-diving capability.


Reaching around 300 meters in length, Manda is perhaps the longest monster ever recorded. Her gigantic pody was powerful enough to wrap/coil around targets and enemies alike, crushing them in a manner like modern day anacondas.


Manda's scale-covered body is very tough, allowing her to withstand torpedoes completely, easily reach depths deeper than 8,000 meters, and sink numbers of ships by tackling.

Electrical conduit[]

Golden Manda.png

Manda can generate intensely powerful electrical power through her fangs as well as her constriction, shocking anything she makes contact with. Her shocks are strong enough to kill/destroy most monsters if used long enough.


Arguably her strongest attack, Manda has the ability to emit and then launch very powerful, explosive blasts of blue fire from her mouth, capable of causing large explosions and vaporizing weaker monsters in one shot.


Despite not having any wings, Manda is able to fly in the air and even in space at incredible speed by moving her the same way she would swim underwater.

Ultra Sonic Power[]

Manda is able to emit/shoot powerful ultra-sonic shock waves from her sonar organ. The attack exceeded a class of sounds and possessed physical destructive power. It is powerful enough to explode submarines and stun crews on it. It also was able to stun Mechanical monsters like Kiryu, MechaGodzilla, and Gigan.

Waterborne nature[]

Although relatively fast on land, Manda can also swim at much faster speeds underwater and can breathe while submerged in water.