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Megalodon, or simply the Meg for short, is a species of enormous prehistoric shark native to Lagos Island. The largest shark species ever discovered as well as the largest carnivorous animal of all time, these sharks were supposedly wiped out due to the H-Bomb test in 1954.


Megalodon means "Big Tooth". "Mega" meaning Big, "-odon" meaning tooth.


Megalodon is essentially a giant great white shark, with darker, brown-grey skin on top and lighter, in fact, white colored skin on the bottom. The only difference it the Megalodon is much larger, measuring between 40 and 90 feet long.


Having survived the beginning of the Ice Age around two million years ago, Megalodon appearently had been living in the waters off the Island of Lagos, thriving in deep water caves and hunting other giants of the seas, such as whales, giant squid, other large sharks, and even other prehistoric sea monsters.


The Birth of Godzilla: King of the Monsters[]


Due to its enormous size, the Megalodon is immensely strong as well as amazing fast, despite its large size. It can swim at speeds as fast as 30 knots.