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Moguera (モゲラ Mogera) is a robotic monster created by J.S.D.F (Japenese Self Defense Force) to protect humanity against giant monsters. First appeared in Godzilla vs. SpaceGodzilla, Moguera fought against SpaceGodzilla and teamed up with Godzilla to defeat him.


M.O.G.U.E.R.A.'s Japanese name comes from the original Moguera, and is spelled "MOGERA." While the Showa Moguera's Japanese name is always spelled in katakana, the Heisei version's often appears in Latin characters as MOGERA or M・O・G・E・R・A. ("M.O.G.E.R.A."). In Godzilla vs. SpaceGodzilla, M.O.G.U.E.R.A. is an acronym for "Mobile Operation Godzilla Universal Expert Robot Aero-type." The "Universal" portion is omitted in the film's Japanese version, due to M.O.G.U.E.R.A.'s name lacking a U. Some books instead expand the acronym as "Mobile Operation G-Expert Robot Aerotype" or "Mobile Operation G-Expert-Robot-Aero Type," while the Japanese trailer for Godzilla vs. SpaceGodzilla writes the Aero-type portion as "A-type." After being repaired and upgraded following its first battle with SpaceGodzilla, M.O.G.U.E.R.A. is designated M.O.G.U.E.R.A. II-SRF (ー Mogera Tsū Esuāruefu). It is sometimes fully titled Anti-SpaceGodzilla Reinforced Weapons Type (対スペースゴジラ・武装強化タイプ Tai Supēsugojira Busō Kyōka Taipu); the "SRF" in M.O.G.U.E.R.A. II-SRF may therefore stand for SpaceGodzilla ReinForced. M.O.G.U.E.R.A.'s name is sometimes abbreviated as MGR, such as on the helmets of its pilots.


M.O.G.U.E.R.A. shares the same silhouette as its Showa era counterpart, but with the cybernetic elements of Mechagodzilla. Notably, it has a smoother finish, with a defined torso and a wider abdomen reminiscient of a tasset or faulds over its legs. Its chrome plating has silver accents and metallic belt tracks on its shoulders, legs, and neck. The chest features a satellite cannon disc. M.O.G.U.E.R.A.'s forelimbs are cone-shaped, but can open up to reveal weaponry. Its head retains the drill bit, albeit a bit smaller, with visor-like glowing yellow eyes and a single crest on top.


MOGUERA is an anti-Godzilla mecha constructed by was created by the Japanese Self Defense Force made after Type-3 Kiryu's destruction. While the two machines were completed one year apart, they were both constructed simultaneously in different sections. MOGUERA's construction was delayed due to the complexity of the mech's structure, and it was finally completed in 2015 using the mainframe and surviving parts from Kiryu.


Godzilla vs. SpaceGodzilla[]




Land traversal[]

MOGUERA can use its tank treads to maneuver on the ground. Land Moguera is able to travel above ground at speeds of 120 kilometers per hour.


When separated from MOGUERA, Land Moguera can use its rotating drill to travel underground at speeds of 60 kilometers per hour.


MOGUERA is capable of flight at Mach 1 in Earth's atmosphere and Mach 44 in outer space. On its own, Star Falcon flies at 306 kilometers per hour in the atmosphere and Mach 35.5 in space, while Land Moguera has limited flight capabilities.

MOGUERA can use its weapons while in flight. A well-placed strike from MOGUERA while it is in flight is capable of flooring other monsters, as shown when it rammed SpaceGodzilla in a last-ditch attack.

Separation and recombination[]

MOGUERA is the combined form of two vehicles: Land Moguera, a land-based tank with burrowing capabilities, and Star Falcon, a VTOL aircraft. MOGUERA can split apart into both vehicles and then recombine later. MOGUERA split apart into the two vehicles during the final battle against SpaceGodzilla in order to help Godzilla destroy the space monster's power source in the Fukuoka Tower. Star Falcon distracted SpaceGodzilla while Land Moguera destroyed the tower's foundation.


Plasma Laser Cannon[]

MOGUERA possesses a Plasma Laser Cannon (プラズマレーザーキャノン Purazuma Rēzā Kyanon) in each of its eyes. The laser takes the form of a rapid stream of yellow energy blasts, which are said to be three times as powerful as Mechagodzilla's Laser Cannons. Because the Plasma Laser Cannon fires a repeating series of individual laser blasts, the weapon can be cooled and recharged repeatedly as it fires, preventing it from overheating and allowing MOGUERA to continuously use the attack.

Automatic Tracking Laser Cannon[]

MOGUERA can fire an Automatic Tracking Laser Cannon (自動追尾式レーザー砲 Jidō Tsuibishiki Rēzāhō) from its hands. This laser possesses high penetrating power and can track targets, allowing MOGUERA to easily target and strike a moving enemy with the laser by moving its arms. MOGUERA used this laser in its first battle with SpaceGodzilla, while the Automatic Tracking Laser Cannon also serves as Land Moguera's primary weapon.

Surface-to-Air Laser Cannon[]

Land Moguera is equipped with a Surface-to-Air Laser Cannon (地対空レーザーキャノン Chitaikū Rēzā Kyanon) mounted on its top antenna, though MOGUERA never utilized it in its combined state.

Low-Power Maser Vulcan[]

Star Falcon is fitted with two Low-Power Maser Vulcan cannons (省電力メーサーバルカン Shōdenryoku Mēsā Barukan) on either side of its cockpit. These are not utilized by MOGUERA.

Crusher Drill[]

MOGUERA possesses a large drill on its face known as the Crusher Drill (クラッシャードリル Kurasshā Doriru). The Crusher Drill grants MOGUERA close-range combat ability, something which its predecessor Mechagodzilla lacked. MOGUERA used the Crusher Drill in combination with its roller system to perform a maneuver known as the Drill Attack (ドリルアタック Doriru Atakku), where MOGUERA's roller system causes it to accelerate forward while the Crusher Drill rotates. MOGUERA utilized the Drill Attack against SpaceGodzilla, and successfully penetrated its enemy's skin and drew blood. The Crusher Drill is also present on Land Moguera's front end, allowing the vehicle to burrow underground.

Plasma Maser Cannon[]

MOGUERA's most powerful weapon is the Plasma Maser Cannon (プラズマメーサーキャノン Purazuma Mēsā Kyanon), a powerful Maser Cannon equipped on its abdomen. It is said to be five times more powerful than the Maser beam fired by the MBT-MB92. The Plasma Maser Cannon can be fired more quickly than Mechagodzilla's Plasma Grenade; however, when it is being fired it leaves MOGUERA's abdomen exposed and compromises its armor.


MOGUERA II-SRF is equipped with a jamming system called MECM, an acronym for Magnetic & Electronic Counter Measure (マグネティック&エレクトロニック=カウンター=メイジャー Magunetikku Ando Erekutoronikku Kauntā Meijā). It is designed to interfere with the electromagnetic waves given off by SpaceGodzilla by emitting disturbing radio waves. It receives the electromagnetic waves through MOGUERA's antenna and responds by transmitting disturbing radio waves through a sonar device on the circular saw on MOGUERA's back.

Spiral Grenade Missiles[]

Each of MOGUERA's arms is loaded with 12 Spiral Grenade Missiles (スパイラルグレネードミサイル Supairaru Gurenēdo Misairu), which are a weapon adapted from Super Mechagodzilla's G-Crusher. The Spiral Grenade Missiles are fired from MOGUERA's hands and spin through the air before piercing their target like a drill. They will then explode following determination from a built-in targeting computer. The Spiral Grenade Missiles were developed to fulfill the same purpose as the G-Crusher; they would target and destroy Godzilla's secondary brain after Land Moguera halted Godzilla's movement by digging underneath him and trapping his feet in the ground. However, MOGUERA never had the chance to use its Spiral Grenade Missiles against Godzilla, and instead utilized them in battle against SpaceGodzilla, successfully destroying his shoulder crystals with them.

All Weapon[]

MOGUERA can fire its Plasma Laser Cannons and Plasma Maser Cannon at the same time in an attack called All Weapon (オールウェポン Ōru Uepon). The combined power of both weapons is capable of knocking Godzilla off his feet.

Synthetic Blue Diamond-Coated Armor[]

MOGUERA is covered in a Synthetic Blue Diamond-Coated Armor (合成ブルーダイヤコーティング装甲 Gōsei Burūdaiya Kōtingu Sōkō), which can harmlessly reflect Godzilla's atomic breath. The armor is applied in such a way that the parts of MOGUERA that would be most vulnerable to Godzilla's atomic breath are the most heavily armored. While it is more resistant than Mechagodzilla's Diamond Coating, MOGUERA's armor lacks the ability to absorb plasma from Godzilla's atomic breath like Mechagodzilla's Plasma Grenade.

Complex Sensor System[]

MOGUERA has seven sensors collectively known as the Complex Sensor System (複合センサーシステム Fukugō Sensā Shisutemu) placed in the slit in its forehead in order to reduce the influence of SpaceGodzilla's electromagnetic waves. The seven complementary sensors are: the Ultra-High Sensitivity Camera (超高感度カメラ Chō Kō Kando Kamera), the Infrared Radar (赤外線レーダー Sekigaisen Rēdā), the Active Sonar (アクティブソナー Akutibu Sonā), the Thermo-Searcher (サーモサーチャー Sāmo Sāchā), the Moving Body Scanner (動体スキャナー Dōtai Sukyanā), the Gravity Measuring Instrument (重力測定器 Jūryoku Sokutei-ki), and the Laser Aiming Tracking System (レーザー照準追尾システム Rēzā Shōjun Tsuibi Shisutemu).