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Mothra I: Godzilla Against Mothra (モスラ I: ゴジラ×モスラ, Mosura I: Gojira ekkusu Mosura) is the eighth installment of the Godzilla Sagaverse as well as a spinoff, being the first film to feature the guardian Mothra. In the film, humans beseech the aide of the insect-god Mothra to stop Godzilla from destroying Japan. It was followed by Mothra II: Arrival of Ghidorah.


Three years have gone by since the battle between Godzilla and Kiryu. Now Godzilla has returned, and instead of Kiryu, the God of Infant Island, Mothra, comes to the rescue. But when she dies, another Mothra is born and becomes more powerful in order to fight Godzilla and avenge her mother’s death. Who will win?




  • Rainbow Mothra: The Guardian of the Earth and titular protagonist, Mothra is a giant, divine moth-like deity who is left the last of her kind and becomes powerful enough to battle Godzilla after her mother’s death.
  • Godzilla: The King of the Monsters and titular kaiju, Godzilla is a dinosaur mutated by the atomic radiation of the H-Bomb and is now attracted to power plants all over Japan.
  • Mothra: The former Guardian of the Earth, Mothra is a giant, divine moth-like deity who was sent by the people of Infant Island to fight Godzilla. She is somewhat killed in battle while fighting Godzilla.


  1. Mothra appears over Tokyo
  2. Mothra Summoning
  3. Mothra Comes
  4. Deity fights Leviathan
  5. Angry Godzilla
  6. Beams Collide and Explode (Between 2:06-2:22)
  7. End Roll


There is gonna be a sequel to this.