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Telesdon (テレスドン - Teresudon) is a carnosaurian worm-like monster that was controlled by The Underground People to attack the surface. It first appeared in the "Monsterous Pilot", thus making him Godzilla's first opponent in the series.

In his first appearance, Telesdon arose from the underground, killed a Telesdon, and caused mayhem across Tokyo. However, he was defeated and driven away by the combined efforts of Godzilla and Anguirus.

Since then, Telesdon became a recurring monster villain in the first season of the series, reappearing to aid Golza and Melba against Ultraman Tiga. However, the worm-like monster was defeated once again.



A weapon of the Underground People, Telesdon was a massive, prehistoric, natural monster that was put under the control of the Underground People to do their bidding. He was then unleashed to terrorize a city on the surface world.

Godzilla The King of the Monsters The Series[]

Telesdon appeared in several episodes throughout the series, making him a recurring villain.

Season 1[]

One day, Telesdon emerged from the Earth. Also appearing was a stray Sadora and shortly after the two monsters battled to a standstill. Their fight, however, ended with Telesdon being victorious, killing the lone Sadora with a single blast of his flames.

The next day, Telesdon appeared again and Anguirus arrived to stop him. As the giants fought, Anguirus and Telesdon proved evenly matched until the giant underground monster almost choked the giant ankylosaurus to death, but Godzilla appeared in time to help. So Anguirus and Godzilla defeated Telesdon together, but the giant worm monster got away and burrowed away, escaped the wrath of the duo.

In a later episode during Golza's and Melba's attack on the Tiga Pyramid, Telesdon returned having escaped the fight with Godzilla and Anguirus, and the monster closed in on the Monster King dangerously. Luckily, Rei arrived on the scene and sent Gomora and Litra both to deal with the worm monster. As Godzilla and Tiga distracted Golza and King Caesar fought Melba, Gomora and Litra battled with Telelsdon and Gomora and Telesodon ended up in a beam battle with Telesdon's flames and Gomora's Oscillatory Ray. Ultimately, Telesdon was overpowered and killed by Gomora's ray.



Telesdon has the appearance of a giant dinosaur but with more Earth worm-like features, hence his burrowing abilities. He has light yellow eyes that also appeared to glow in the dark and has a kind of beak-like mouth.


Telesdon's roar is a reused Gyango roar.

Powers and Abilities[]

Telesdon is a mighty, massive, super monstrous kaiju, powerful enough to kill a Sadora. Though he is not an overly powerful monster, it took both Godzilla and Anguirus to drive him away.

  • Drill Beak: Telesdon has a beak that is sharp enough to be used as a weapon.
    • Burrowing: As a subterranean creature, Telesdon can burrow at moderate speeds.
  • Lava Heat Ray: Telesdon can exhale a deadly stream of flames from his beak-like mouth. Said to be at a heat level of 2,000℃, these flames can destroy weaker monsters in a single hit. This can also be shot as a fireball.
  • Agility: Telesdon also appears to be far more agile compared to other monsters.

When resurrected from the dead via Geronimon, Telesdon gained new powers and abilities, in addition to retaining his original ones as well as having them enhanced. He was also granted a frill that gave him extra powers.

  • Depth Destruction Heat Ray Wave: From its frill, Telesdon can unleash a very powerful energy wave, similar to Gomora's.
  • Depth Splitting Heat Ray Wave: Telesdon shoots beams from the spikes around its frill.
  • Drill Formation Attack: Telesdon can spin like a drill for easy underground traveling as well as ambushing and ramming into its opponents. This skill also allows Telesdon to achieve temporary flight to attack the opponent in various directions.
  • Depth Reflective Cannon: Telesdon emits an energy barrier from its frill, which can block and redirect most attacks.