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The Return of Godzilla (ゴジラの逆襲, Gojira no kikan) is the second installment in the Godzilla Sagaverse. In the film, taking place 30 years after the original, Japan struggles to survive Godzilla's return, as well as its destructive battle against ancient monsters Anguirus and Rodan. It was followed by The Son of Godzilla.


The year is 1984 A.D. After Godzilla's first attack on Tokyo back in 1954, the monster returned to the sea and hasn't been seen or heard of since. Now 30 years later, even though Japan has healed itself and moved on, not only has Godzilla returned, but two other prehistoric monsters have appeared: Anguirus, a quadruped dinosaur-like monster, and Rodan, a giant pteranodon-like monster.


A Japanese fishing vessel is trying to find its way to shore in a fierce storm while near an uninhabited island, when a giant monster appears and attacks the boat. Soon, the monster, now realized to be Godzilla, appears on an island off the coast of Japan, determined to feed off a nuclear power plant in the outskirts of Mihama. When Godzilla attacks the facility near Mihama and feeds off the reactor, he then leaves the facility almost as quickly as he arrived. But not before he is soon confronted by an ankylosaurus-like monster called Anguirus. The two huge monsters battle on the island before tumbling off the island into the ocean below, after which they both disappear.

Several weeks later, a team of scientists arrives on the remote Adonoa Island in the Bering Sea to investigate a Pteranodon fossil unearthed by Russian petroleum workers. Despite being impressed by the remarkable condition of the fossil, a huge pteranodon, Rodan, lands on a cliff overlooking the scientists' camp and roars. Rodan flies over the camp and attacks the scientists, who try to flee to the edge of the island. They arrive on a cliff above the ocean, and witness the water below flashing. Rodan lands on a perch and looks into the water, only for a blue beam to blast out of the sea and nearly strike Rodan. Godzilla then surfaces from the water and roars at Rodan, who flies over the water and roars back. Godzilla comes ashore on the island and initiates battle with Rodan. While the monsters fight, the scientists successfully get onto their chopper and escape the island. Godzilla finally defeats Rodan by stomping him into the ground and then blasting him multiple times with his atomic breath at point-blank range. His foe seemingly defeated, Godzilla returns to the ocean and begins following the chopper back to Japan.

Several days later, Godzilla appears in Osaka. The J.S.D.F. deployed a team of commandos armed with rocket launchers to try and halt the beast, but their weapons proved useless. Godzilla massacres several of the soldiers. Anguirus eventually arrives, coming ashore resuming his battle with Godzilla. The JSDF opens fire on the kaiju, but their weapons have no effect as Godzilla and Anguirus begin tearing the city apart. Their battle destroys countless buildings. Eventually, the two monsters reach Osaka Castle, which is destroyed as Godzilla tackles Anguirus into it. Godzilla then bites down onto Anguirus' neck, causing him to bleed profusely before falling into the moat below. Godzilla fires his atomic breath at his foe, burning him to death and leaving Godzilla the victor.


  • Godzilla: The King of the Monsters and titular kaiju, Godzilla is a theropod dinosaur mutated by the atomic radiation of the H-Bomb and is attracted to power plants all over Japan.
  • Anguirus: The Killer of the Living, Anugirus is a giant ankylosaurus that somehow survived the extinction of the dinosaurs.
  • Rodan: The King of the Skies, Rodan is a giant irradiated pterandon that somehow survived the extinction of the dinosaurs.


  • Rodan Attacks
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  • Fateful Confrontation
  • Battle in Osaka