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Son of Kong is a 2005 American giant monster film produced by Kong Kaiju Saga and a sequel to The Birth of Kong: Skull Island, released earlier that same year.


Over a month following King Kong's demise atop the Empire State Building, Carl Denham is broke and beset by lawsuits and court summmons, and boarding in an old woman's house to escape reporters. Charlie, the cook from the Venture, manages to get inside and see Denham, and informs him that Captain Englehorn wants to see him aboard the ship. Denham has his business partner Mickey disguise him and bring him to the docks in his carriage. In the captain's quarters of the Venture, Denham discusses with Englehorn what their next move should be. Englehorn suggests they enter the cargo business using the Venture, as they both are likely to face prison time if they remain in New York City. Denham accepts, and sets off on the Venture with Charlie and a ragtag crew.

The Venture eventually docks in Dakang, still unsuccessful in doing much business. Denham and Englehorn visit the local town, where Denham insists they go see a show advertised on a poster. Englehorn reluctantly accompanies him to the show, which consists of a band of dancing monkeys and a singing act by "La Belle Helene." Denham takes a liking to the performer, a pretty young black-haired woman named Hilda Petersen. After the show, Hilda returns to the tent where she and her father run their small traveling circus. Against Hilda's wishes, her father invites over Nils Helstrom, a disgraced Norwegian captain, to drink. As the two men become increasingly intoxicated and begin arguing, Helstrom snaps and breaks a liquor bottle over Petersen's head. This also knocks over a torch, setting the entire tent ablaze. Helstrom flees while Hilda frees the animals and pulls her father from the burning tent. Hilda asks her father who did this, but he dies from his wounds before he can respond. Denham finds Hilda the next morning and learns what happened to her father, and tries to comfort her by saying she can make something of herself as an entertainer. She asks if Denham is in the entertainment business, but he quickly denies it. Denham goes to a local bar with Englehorn, where they encounter Helstrom, whom Denham recognizes as the Norwegian skipper who sold him the map of Skull Island. As the two men catch up, Helstrom says he is aware that Denham found Kong on the island, and suggests Denham share some of the profits with him since he helped him find the island. Denham responds that he is broke and being sued by everyone in New York, to Helstrom's dismay. Helstrom then asks if Denham also found the treasure of Skull Island, left behind by the once-great civilization which built the wall. With the possibility of treasure on Skull Island, Denham and Englehorn decide to make a return voyage and bring Helstrom along. Before departing, Denham gives Hilda some money to book passage out of Dakang, but she asks repeatedly to come with him. Denham refuses and bids her farewell before leaving aboard the Venture.

As the ship approaches Mauritius Island, Helstrom convinces the crew to mutiny, as 12 members of Denham's last trip to the island all perished, yet both Denham and Englehorn escaped unscathed. Around the same time, Charlie finds Hilda hiding in the cargo hold. Unable to take her back now, Denham decides to allow Hilda to accompany them. Once the Venture is within sight of Skull Island, Helstrom stages his mutiny and with the rest of the crew force Denham, Englehorn, and Hilda to leave aboard a lifeboat. They find Charlie waiting for them, who claims he didn't like the rest of the crew and would rather go with them. Helstrom tries to declare himself captain of the Venture, but the crew laughs and throws him overboard, with Denham reluctantly letting him board their boat. Equipped with only food and two shotguns Charlie snuck aboard, they make their way to the beach of Skull Island. They are greeted by a spear that lands in front of them as the native chief and his men approach. The chief informs them that he holds them responsible for all of his people's deaths when they let Kong through the wall. Everyone then reboards the boat to find a different spot to land, as the natives are clearly hostile to them. They land in a small inlet, where Denham and Hilda scout ahead to search for higher ground. They eventually encounter Kong's 12-foot albino son Kiko, who is trapped in a pit of quicksand. Out of remorse for causing his father's death, Denham pushes over a nearby tree, which Kiko grabs onto to escape. They eventually come upon a temple, which Denham believes may house the treasure. He and Hilda stay behind at the temple while Englehorn and the others scout ahead. They are quickly charged by a Styracosaurus and a Herd of Woolly Mammoth, which chases them into a small crevice. Englehorn fires his gun at the beast, which simply grabs it in its mouth and bites it in half. Charlie tries stabbing at it with his cleaver, but the dinosaur is unfazed. Thankfully Mammoths runs away.

Back near the temple, Hilda and Denham find themselves under attack by a giant cave bear. Hearing Hilda's scream, Kiko jumps into action and wrestles with the bear. Kiko struggles to stay on even footing with the larger foe, but successfully beats it into submission and causes it to flee. Kiko notices that his finger has been injured in the fight and sits moaning in pain. Hilda suggests they help him, to which Denham agrees due once more to his guilt for what he did to Kiko's father. Hilda tears off a strip of cloth from her blouse which Denham wraps around Kiko's wounded finger as a bandage. As he does so, he genuinely apologizes to Kiko for what he did to his father. Hilda and Denham atre able to catch a fowl in the jungle for food, but she remarks that she wishes they could reach the coconuts in a nearby tree. Denham tries pushing against the tree unsuccessfully, before Kiko intervenes and shakes the tree, showering Hilda and Denham with coconuts. The two make camp outside the temple, where they are silently observed by Kiko.

The next morning, Englehorn, Charlie, and Helstrom find that the Styracosaurus is gone and Englehorn's gun is broken. Denham and Hilda still struggle to figure out how to get into the temple, only for Kiko to smash the wall down. The three enter the temple and find a necklace bearing huge diamonds set atop a stone statue. Carl has Kiko help him reach it, and just as he exclaims they have found the treasure, a dragon enters the cave and attacks them. Kiko fends it off, grappling with the reptilian beast which constricts its tail around his neck. However, Kiko throws the dragon to the ground and punches it in the head repeatedly until it ceases moving. Kiko believes he is victorious before the dragon stirs back to life and bites him. Kiko punches the dragon again, and this time it goes limp. The three all head out of the temple where they meet Englehorn and the others. The sight of Kiko causes Helstrom to run off in terror, and Denham tells the others to get to the boat while he stays behind to get the rest of the treasure. However, a severe storm strikes the island as earthquakes begin to tear it apart. Helstrom jumps into the boat but a sea serpent erupts from the water and eats him. Hilda, Englehorn, and Charlie reach the boat and begin to float away as Skull Island crumbles into the sea. With the temple collapsing around them, Kiko and Denham climb outside and find themselves on a rapidly-sinking platform. Kiko climbs to the top, beckoning to Denham to follow. However, Kiko's leg becomes trapped in the rock, and he is unable to move. As the lifeboat holding Hilda, Englehorn, and Charlie approaches, Kiko grabs Denham and holds him high above his head as he sinks below the water. The others are able to rescue Denham from Kiko's hand, and can only watch as the heroic ape sinks to his death.

As day breaks, Englehorn spots a boat which promptly rescues them. Sometime later, Denham stands on deck looking longingly at the sea. Hilda approaches him and asks what he's thinking about, and he responds how he feels bad for Kiko. He wonders if Kiko knew he died saving his life, and Hilda replies that she's sure he did. Denhamm informs her that they will split profits from the treasure four ways, but Hilda suggests they split it in thirds: one third for Englehorn, one third for Charlie, and one third for the two of them. Denham is surprised but overjoyed at Hilda's suggestion, and the two share a loving embrace as they look out over the sea.




Used from King Kong (2005) and King Kong Escapes