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Twin Tail (ツインテール, Tuin Teiru) is a prehistoric insect-like kaiju and one of Earth's fearsome beasts that also happens to be the favorite meal of the predatory Gudon.


When a ancient egg was dug up in a construction site, GDF was called to the scene to dispose of the egg but with no success, after one of the members shot it with a ray gun, he declared it an oddly shaped rock.

Godzilla The King of the Monsters The Series[]

Physical Appearance[]


Powers and Abilities[]

  • Tail Whips: Like his name suggests, Twin Tail has two long whips atop his body, which are actually its namesake organs, and can be used as a combat weapon to bash or whip enemies as well as ensnare, choke, and constrict them. These tails can also extend hundreds of feet to attack aerial enemies.
  • Burrowing: Twin Tail can tunnel underground at moderate speeds.
  • Adept Swimmer: Twin Tail is actually amphibious and can perform better in underwater environments.