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Zoa Muruchi (ムルチ, Zoa Muruchi) is a violent alien fish-like kaiju. The missing link between fish and animal, it first premiered the Season 4 episode "Battle of the Ocean" as the kaiju servant to the monster Daragha.



A biological weapon created by the Vortaak, Zoa Muruchi was a weapon created in case negotiations with Earth would become rough.

Godzilla: King of the Monsters The Series[]

Season 4[]

In the Season 4 episode "Battle of the Ocean", confronting the Monster King underwater with Godzilla and his swimming allies were fighting Dagarha and his allies, Zoa Muruchi was attracted by a fight and joined Dagarha. Threatened by the imposing monster, Rei sent out Eleking to battle it, as his primary monster Gomora was not as adept at fighting underwater.

As Eleking and Zoa Muruchi fought, the battle went back and forth, but eventually, Eleking's electric attacks proved too strong, and Rei then called out to Eleking to end it. Eleking used his electric tail, and shocked Zoa Muruchi to death, after it let out one last anguish-filled cry. Zoa Muruchi was destroyed by Eleking's electric tail shock.


Muruchi's name comes from the Japanese pork cuisine, Inamuruchi. The "Zoa" in Zoa Muruchi's name means "Hate".

Powers and Abilities[]

Despite his appearance, Zoa Muruchi is a rather powerful monster in his own right. Eleking is all it takes to stop him.

  • Burrowing: Zoa Muruchi can burrow at low speeds.
    • Smokescreen: Before Zoa Muruchi reveals itself, he unleashes a mist to cover the area.
  • Strength: Zoa Muruchi boasts significant physical strength, able to grab and throw opponents down.
  • Heat Energy Beam: Zoa Muruchi can emit and then launch a missile-strength beam of blue energy fired from his mouth. This heat energy beam is relatively powerful, enough to cover whatever it hits in a series of explosions and rival Eleking's electric discs in power.
  • Underwater Adaption: Zoa Muruchi can easily maneuver and fight underwater.